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Anyone else gigging again?


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Had our first show since February last night. Felt good to be playing live again but man am I out of shape! Holy cow. I feel like a Mack Truck hit me. Time to get back in the gym! ;)

It was a great show and it was packed. Way over suggested current capacity here in Texas. I guess people were ready to get out and enjoy some live music.

Anybody else gigging yet? Or getting ready too? What’s it like and what precautions, if any, are venues taking in your area?


Things are slowly opening up a bit around Florida.
Restaurants at 50% capacity. So, mainly they are having outdoor acoustic type stuff.

We have some things filling up for July, some things hadn't been cancelled, yet nothing happening in June.
Promoters and venues are reticent to guarantee anything. Most of our shows got rescheduled for later in the year, especially travel shows.
The month of May had been looking like a HUGE month for us, April as well. Unfortunately, we played out last show in GA on Mar 15th...FULL STOP.

I realize people are antsy and looking for entertainment, yet things are pretty crazy around the country at the moment.
Rioting, looting, protesting...not to mention Covid protocols.
We will have to see how everything plays out.

Interesting times we are living in, be well Todd.


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Not yet here in New Mexico. Things are slowly starting to open back up, but bars and nightclubs are still closed and it looks like they'll be that way at least partway into June. Our last gig was March 13, but we're hoping the June 12 gig we have scheduled will still happen.

Part of the fallout from this whole lockdown thing is that two of the bar/restaurant music venues here have closed permanently. There's not that many places to play for pay here anyway, so the loss of two venues is a pretty big hit.


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We can’t play out in California although a few band mates suggested booking a private club and practicing together before our drummer moves out of state.

My problem is different. I have been running and working out more at home so I am I better shape. However, I haven’t been playing guitar much so I am probably really rusty.


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I don't expect to be gigging for the rest of the year. As long 1,5m distance is the norm there ain't gonna be much gigs. And once the venues are allowed to open up as usual they're gonna play it safe for a long time. Because they need the moneys. So if you're a famous band, or a well oiled/known tribute band you will probably get gigs. New bands? You're screwed.

That's the way I interpret the local market here in the Netherlands. I'll be happy to be proven wrong.


I hear ya. We were way over capacity last night with not much social distancing going on.
Yeaaaaaah it's going to be interesting. We have a more local outdoor gig this Friday but in more of a wide open air setting. Hopefully that will allow for "better" social distancing. I'm going to be cautious and keep my distance in general. Other than the actual playing time.


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Were you wearing masks on stage?
Miami is on curfew/lockdown again, and our numbers are going up and protests/riots don't help the situation.

I can't imaging playing unless behind plexiglass these days...or plexiglass and chickenwire.
No masks onstage.
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Tom Morris

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March 13th was our full stop date. June 20th is the next confirmed let's do it date. As much as I hate outdoor gigs in Florida not sure I'm ready to be in some of the small shithole's we play indoors. Been trying to knock out the long list of things that need done around the homestead while on lockdown so I really haven't been touching my gear. No big deal the SOS list we play never changes so nothing to really work on anyway. However with this latest beta firmware guess I need to at least check everything is working. Glad your show went well last night Todd.


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Yeaaaaaah it's going to be interesting. We have a more local outdoor gig this Friday but in more of a wide open air setting. Hopefully that will allow for "better" social distancing. I'm going to be cautious and keep my distance in general. Other than the actual playing time.
Our one outdoor show scheduled for this year was one of the first to cancel. The town that sponsors it cancelled their entire Summer Concert Series for the year.


Played Memorial Day weekend in Phoenix. Decent crowd. No social distancing or masks to be found in the venue. No masks on stage either. Great to be back on stage. Few weeks off and then back to back weekends.


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I never really stopped, but it slowed WAY down and the gigs got weirder.
I've done a few gigs like this. Talk about safe-distance - LOL.

I have another safe-distance gig for some ranchers this weekend.
It might be safe-distance, but it ain't safe -- they're drinking and roping real longhorns!
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