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Ambient piece, playing the delay blocks as well

Per Boysen


Solo piece played on Stick Guitar SG-12 through a Fractal Audio AxeFx2 using two expression pedals to simultaneously play two delay effects (one for each fretboard, manipulating the two parameters feedback and volume) and a crystal effect (just on/off control). In my AxeFx I'm running two complete effect chains in parallel, one fore each of the two six stringed fretboards output. The delay taps are set to a quarter note on one fretboard and to a quarter note triplet on the other fretboard; this enables some fun rhythm to be created while playing and pumping the pedals.


Very nicely done! This piece was quite relaxing and promoted some creative ideas in me as well, using a slightly modified version your control set-up. Thanks for the wonderful clip offering.
Rock on! :mrgreen


Mmm... I like this.

Very tasty with the brief silence.

How did you get the soft(ness of the) delays?
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