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  1. sebastos08

    Confined whitesnake "Walking in the Shadow of the Blues " Cover

    All the guitars recorded on the afx3 Take care Enjoy and like it 😉
  2. Andrea Maccianti

    Whitesnake "Bad Boys" Guitar Solo (My Version)

  3. Andrea Maccianti

    John Sykes Crying In The Rain Guitar Solo Lesson

    Hey guys, here's my guitar tutorial about Crying In The Rain solo by the mighty John Sykes, in this video I used the AxeFx2 with my John Sykes preset, obviously bypassing all the fx, to get a clear and dry sound in the tutorial. Hope than helps!
  4. K

    Axe 2 xl+ Free Presets

    I just got my fractal on Friday and here are some free presets to share. Influenced by Van Halen and Dokken. If anyone wants to tweak them and post the new preset that would be great.
  5. TheTrooper

    Whitesnake's Here I Go Again Solo | Classic Rock Solos #2 (Guitar Cover)

    Hey guys, I'm sure there are plenty of Whitesnake fanatics in here. I've been on a huge 1987 kick for a bit lately and worked on a couple of songs from it. I did a full Cover of the song but I guess I'm an attention whore (LOL) and wated to share the Solo first. What do You guys think? (Oh...
  6. 2112

    Sykes Whitesnake/Blue Murder Patch

    Here's my take on a John Sykes Whitesnake 1987/Blue Murder style crunch tone. I found that weaking my go to USA C++ preset by changing the drive and EQ slightly and adding some hall reverb got me in the territory. Using a Les Paul with a Dirty Fingers and channeling that hyper aggressive picking...
  7. Andrea Maccianti

    Doug Aldrich Patch Inspiration

    Has 5 Scenes + one of my own Custom Cab included. Also available for AX8.
  8. Andrea Maccianti


    For all John Sykes fans, has 5 Scenes and two of my own custom Cabs included. Available also for AX8 and ready to use. Quantum 8.02 #axefx2#ax8#patch#firmware8.02
  9. Andrea Maccianti


    Il mio modesto omaggio a uno dei miei preferiti. Mr. Reb Beach Tutte le chitarre è stato registrato con Fractal Axe-Fx2. Spero ti diverta!
  10. ToneRanger

    Jammin with some Whitesnake

    I know, I know... I need to find a better way of getting video for these since the lighting in my house is horrible where im sitting. Im more focused on having some fun with some really cool tones. Im having some issues with Axe Edit stalling since the Q8 updates. If i roll back i lose my...
  11. Andrea Maccianti


    I love this Band and I love this song! John Sykes on this record really did an excellent job. This Backing Track were no guitars, they are being recorded all by myself.
  12. cdub

    Here I Go Again - Whitesnake

    Using the Carvin Legacy Amp block. I used some of the recommendations in the guide to all the amp models thread in the Axe Discussion forum which really helped this amp come alive. I could never get this amp to sound good before reading that thread. I can't seem to get the tone spot on, but I...
  13. Moke

    "Still of the Night" Guitar Cover...Preset added!

  14. ToneRanger

    So here i go again

    Im having lots of fun with my Axe FX II!
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