suhr modern

  1. C

    FS REDUCED PRICE: $3200 Suhr Modern Custom with flame top and roasted flame maple board!

    Stunning Suhr Modern with flamed roasted maple neck and roasted ash body SSH+ Bridge SSV neck Wilkinson tremelo with locking saddles Stays in tune like a Floyd without the locking nut hassle 7.6lbs amazing neck, killer action of course Deluxe original hardshell case included. made for...
  2. Jerry K.

    Morphing Patch (8 Amp Models)

    Greetings, Here is a pretty cool morphing patch with what I consider some really great sounding amps. The patch sounds very good with humbuckers but I really love how all the different combinations sound with single coils! I've been working on variations of this patch for many years but I'm...
  3. Anthony Meyer

    Using Buttery Factory Preset to Layer 10 Guitars Over a Simple Loop Jam

    I've really been digging the buttery patch lately. If you crank the drive it can this really nice edge of breakup sound as heard in the 10th layer. All tracks were recorded with the "Buttery" patch with some slight changes such as excluding or including effects in the signal chain that come...
  4. MattBowman

    AFIII Queensryche - "Another Rainy Night" - Guitar cover

    So back in 2016, I recorded a cover of Queensryche's classic song "Another Rainy Night" using my Axe-Fx II at the time. I have a backing track featuring the original vocals, drums and bass, so I decided to update the cover using my Axe-Fx III and I made a quick play through video. All the...
  5. MattBowman

    AFIII Big Wreck "A Million Days" solo cover

    I first saw Big Wreck open for Dream Theater back in Atlanta in 1997 when I was a student at the Atlanta Institute of Music (and ironically the next time I would see them would be 20 years later on the 20th anniversary tour for In Loving Memory Of). I had no clue who they were but Ian was a...
  6. MattBowman

    AFIII John Mayer - "I Guess I Just Feel Like" solo cover

    And now for something completely different. Today I heard this new song “I Guess I Just Feel Like” by John Mayer, it has a beautiful, melodic solo, definitely not like what I’ve been posting lately haha, but super tasty! I figured I’d learn it and do a quick cover. Used my Axe-Fx III and my Suhr...
  7. TheDought

    NGD: Suhr Modern Plus

    Just recently got my new Suhr Modern Plus in and am absolutely loving it. Only had a couple of hours to make some presets for a gig we had and this has to be the easiest guitar to get a great sound with. Blown away by the fullness and clarity of the pickups. Prior to getting this I had decided...
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