red barchetta

  1. diezel013

    AFIII Red Barchetta - Rush Cover (+ Alex Lifeson Preset) 🎼🎸

    Really proud with how this one came out... Thank you to the incredible Joe Calderone and Kyle Brian Abbott for lending their talents. Would love for you to check this out! As promised, my Alex Lifeson preset is included below :) P.S. If any of you need session players these fine young lads...
  2. Marciel Marcasso

    AFIII "Red Barchetta" - Rush - Guitar and Bass with Axe-Fx III

    I tried to do my best with guitar sound of "Red Barchetta" of Rush.. I saw some tips here in the forum that helped me a lot. but when I finished, I was very curious to know what the Bass sound would look like in the AXE III. I confess that I'm not a good bass player. but I tried hard.. And yes...
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