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  1. Cpt737

    What Cab is loaded when importing presets?

    Hi everyone. Quick question. On AxeFX III when you import a preset (axe change etc), what cab does axe fx put into cab block if you do not have the original IR in your library? Does it load a random factory IR from the library? If you have the same IR with the imported preset, does it load the...
  2. kywabunga

    Fixed Issue importing 3rd party IRs?

    Hey all! Tried to import some IR's I'm a fan of, and it seems they all have some superfluous silence at the start of them. I deleted the cabs and tried re-importing them with both the "Auto-Trim" and then "Min Phase" settings ticked in the settings, but they still refuse to play nice with the...
  3. Moke

    Importing IRs (and Presets) using FractalBot

    Here is a very short demo of how to use the 'FractalBot' utility to import my IRs (and Presets) into the Axe-Fx III. I am getting a lot of emails about how to do this without the 'Axe-Manage Cabs' tool in Axe-Edit III. This will work fine until all of the functions in Axe-Edit III are finished.
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