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  1. K

    "Ab-Synth" Preset - Spacey/Weird/Textures/Droney (6 Scenes w/audio demo)

    Hey Guys, I started out making this patch wanting to do something weird and different, so I decided not to use an amp at all. Most of the tones have a lot of reverb and delay making them more useful for effect/background type stuff in a recording. I can imagine some of these tones following a...
  2. Hitoshi Kato

    [Help needed] Extreme flanger setting missing

    Hello, This is 1st time I post here then I might post something unusual. I mistakenly deleted my favorite flanger setting I had created before, and due to firmware update, I can't recreate same. Someone please help me to have the same sound again. In the zip file, I put 2 small files, the...
  3. austinbuddy

    Electric Mistress Emulation - Axe-Fx III

    Hi Everyone: The Electric Mistress Flanger is one of my very favorite effects of all time. With a Strat, wow...grew up as a teenager in Louisiana, listening to Robin Trower's "In City Dreams" and also "Caravan to Midnight" records, and then of course Andy Summers with The Police... Over the...
  4. Burgs

    Wish Control over LFO waveform rise/slope and any point in between

    Yesterday I was talking with Dave Leslie, Baby Animal's guitarist. He loves the flanger in his AX8 but would love to be able to expression-control the LFO, that is be able to stop/start at any point and control the speed (by default). I can't find a way to do this in the current firmware and I...
  5. Georgy

    EVH FX anyone..? Unchained Flanger and Phaser ideally..

    Hey guys, I'm running my FX8 in 4CM with my EVH 5153 50w, and I'm struggling to get (or even find somewhere) any EVH sounds, mainly his signature 'Unchained' Flanger and his Phaser (You Really Got Me'esque). If anyone has those settings that they would like to share, would be much obliged...
  6. B

    Any good EVH Flange settings

    Anyone have any recommendations for good EVH flange settings? I just picked up the ax8 to revamp my rig and get rid of most of my pedals and so far I'm in love. The only issue is I can't seem to get the evh flange sound that I've always loved from it with the tweaking I've done (I have the evh...
  7. Killius

    Can't Stop the Feeling : JT blues/funk guitar cover video

    used some nice cleans with phaser, flanger, tremelo, and reverb on this one.
  8. B

    Electric Mistress

    Hello everyone. I've been searching endlessly for a way to create an elctric mistress flanger with my FX8. Everything I find is from years ago and all blocks/presets are for the AXE-FX and I can not see how the presets were created. Ultimatley, I'm looking to recreate the sound from David...
  9. Keg8605

    Modulation block Wish

    What if we had a modulation block instead or in addition? Would help with xy switching and save some blocks/cpu. I for one pretty much never use flanger, phaser and chorus together...
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