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Brett Grey

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Hello everyone. I've been searching endlessly for a way to create an elctric mistress flanger with my FX8. Everything I find is from years ago and all blocks/presets are for the AXE-FX and I can not see how the presets were created. Ultimatley, I'm looking to recreate the sound from David Gilmour and his use with the Electric Mistress. If anyone has any insight on which flanger to use and what settings to use as a base for tweaking, I would really appreciate it. It looks like the old guiatar player from Brit Floyd posted some presets, but they are for the AXE-FX and I can't view them. Thanks in advance...


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Hello Brett Grey
try to see my link (Mistress) in the signature
if they can help

maybe it was better to write in another section
  • AX8 Wishes + Bugs
  • Axe-Fx II Discussion ;)
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