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fas modern

  1. D

    What real amp is the FAS Modern based on?

    I am a writer, guitarist, and music producer. Big fan of the Fractal. I've spent weeks dialing in the new tones for my next album. One of my favorite tones is the FAS Modern amp block. I'd like to buy the real amp this was based on. Or amps. What amp or amps was the FAS Modern based on...
  2. progmachine

    Guitar Solo - FAS Modern with a touch of Chorus

    Hey all! Like the title says, I'm just fooling around with a FAS Modern lead patch and I really like what the Tape DIST (Drive) and Chorus are adding to the sound! Also this is just a little guest solo I did for a friend's song.
  3. Jotun666

    Pantera - Cemetery Gates (full band cover)

    Hi, friends! Here you have my latest cover at Jotun Studio: Pantera's Cemetery Gates, featuring such great artists as Siegfried Song at vocals, El Pequeño Carlos (Little Charles) at guitars, Emilio Kanina at drums and myself at bass and audio and video production. We didn´t tried to recreate...
  4. DropTheSun

    AX8: Killswitch Engage

    AX8 with: Fas Modern and Ownhammer Heavy Hitters collection. Guitar: Mayones Regius 6 w/ BKP Juggernauts
  5. progmachine

    Riffin' out - Trying out new Rhythm Tone

    Hey all! I wrote some new riffs to try out a new rhythm tone of mine as well as the GGD Halpern Drums update! Enjoy!
  6. progmachine

    Absently - "Dayzed" Guitar Playthrough (FAS Modern + Friedman HBE)

    Hey all, Finally got around to filming a playthrough of one of my instrumental songs again. The guitar tone is just FAS Modern and Friedman HBE combined with ML Cab Pack 13 :)
  7. progmachine

    Kiesel Guitar Solo Contest (FAS Modern + ML Cab pack 13)

    Hey guys! I just wanted to share my guitar solo I did for Kiesel Guitars' contest. There's no voting or any agenda like that I just thought I captured a pretty good lead tone in the process. I hope you guys dig it!
  8. progmachine

    Owl City "Fireflies" - 2-Handed Tapping

    Hey all! I had this Owl City synth run stuck in my head so I gave it a shot on guitar. The intervals are so strange to me that I had to make it a 2-handed tapping riff. I hope you guys enjoy! *The amp is FAS Modern with an aggressive low-pass filter.
  9. progmachine

    The Contortionist - "Arise" (FAS Modern + Friedman HBE)

    Here's a cover of "Arise" by The Contortionist! I had a lot of fun learning this and their guitar-work is very inspiring to me! Enjoy!
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