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cover band

  1. tvegas99

    Paris band promo video made with Axe III - Austin Buddy presets

    I only use a couple of Ax3 Austin Buddy patches in this video - FTR 37, Fryette Deliverance, Plexis, Hi Powered Tweed Twin, Fender Deluxe Reverb, DC30... probably spend most of my time using a Plexi or the Hi Powered Tweed Twin - used a PRS DGT for the entire video This promo video might be...
  2. Randy Alanis

    Gig Video - (Bells/Unforgiven) Metallica Tribute - Houston.

    Bellz/Unforgiven Snippet I've been gigging direct with my AX8 about 15 months now & just recently started using in ears instead of lugging around the CLR's At this gig, come to find out last minute a separate in ear mix from FOH was not possible so we had to rely on the venues wedge...
  3. Johnnyh64

    Synth tone - The Cars - Just What I Needed

    Does anybody have or could create the synth tone in The Cars- Just What I Needed? Or perhaps someone could explain how I might go about getting such a synth sound? I know nothing about the synth in the Axe or what type of options I would need to select. Thanks for any help!
  4. X-Mann

    X's FX8 Cover Band Presets

    Hey Fractal Dudes..... X-Mann here & I wanted to start sharing some of the 40+ song presets I've created for the amazing Fractal FX8 (mkii)! I'm going to do very quick video demos for each preset & about 1-a-week........ I've joined a new band & have created some great song based presets...
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