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Gig Video - (Bells/Unforgiven) Metallica Tribute - Houston.

Randy Alanis

Bellz/Unforgiven Snippet

I've been gigging direct with my AX8 about 15 months now & just recently started using in ears instead of lugging around the CLR's

At this gig, come to find out last minute a separate in ear mix from FOH was not possible so we had to rely on the venues wedge monitors..from not liking in ears to reading how to properly dial in my ax8 for an in ear mix on these forums & now missing & relying on them in such a short period of time..& on top of that the biggest take away from this particular gig is that I think I finally convinced my guitarist after this gig to unload his Mark V & pedal board & join me with an AX8!!
(So new online member soon, I promise ill be sure he doesn't ask the common "What' the best FRFR speaker?? How do I reduce the lag?!?" hahaha)

Almost 2 years later Since I've left my tube amps behind & I continue to be blown away at the convenience & sound this unit puts out...I just wanted to share since I thought the clean tone on unforgiven came out really well & cause it was a blast!!

Much thanks to those of you on these forums i've messaged over these past 18 months whom have helped me learn this amazing little unit & how to dial in what im after/ how to make tweaks on the fly & everything in between!
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Randy Alanis

Sounds great man! Any chance you'd share the patch you're using for the clean tones?
I deff can/will (after the gig we dropped everything off at the jam room but were supposed to get together this weekend before next weeks gig & I can get this one off of it that I tried for this gig! (which reminds me, I need to make a back of of my back up incase my back up goes missing or fails :p )

Randy Alanis

You should put a tips an tricks on using IEM.
I could try, let me find the threads I had read that already exist on this forum that gave me the template to base things off of cause initially it was harsh but it was (as usual) user error on my end lol

are you trying to do that now or have you attempted bud didn't like the results @blues_freak
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