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  1. mwd

    Axe III - Apollo Quad - Beat Buddy - Aeros Looper

    Currently I run my Axe III into an Apollo Quad with a single S/PDIF cable. Using the Console software I have Logic on one virtual channel and my iMac on another. Easy blend for my monitor mix for jamming to youtube lessons or backing tracks or recording sessions in Logic. Love the way it works...
  2. B

    Setting Levels between AXE FX2 XL and Apollo Twin 2 - Harsh Tone

    When I play my AXE FX2 XL plugged direct to my studio monitors from Output 1 it sounds great, once I try to run the outputs 1+2 from the AXE into the XLR inputs on the Apollo the sound changes and becomes harsh and brittle. The levels seem to be ok, but the sound sucks compared to the direct...
  3. Joseph J C

    Would you like to run Axe-Edit as a plug on you DAW?

    Wouldn't it be cool if we could use our Fractal units DSP like the UAD Apollo units DSP to run Axe edits patches as a plug in our DAW? Thoughts?
  4. mwd

    Axe II XL to Apollo Quad via SPDIF and XLR

    I've been tracking via SPDIF to my Apollo Quad and would like to try the analog outs. I am using balanced XLR cables. The Quad says 'microphone input' on the XLR inputs and, as well, they are Unison inputs. 1. Am I still good to run this way? 2. Anything in particular to know or watch for? 3...
  5. CactusTone

    How To: Axe II into Apollo 8 TB

    Here's a short video I made by request on how I connect my Axe to my Apollo 8. Do you do it differently? Cheers!
  6. J

    New here, on the fence, a few questions...

    Hello all. I have been hovering in the Fractal forum for years, but I finally decided to join as I am seriously eyeing an fx8 and an Engl e530. A little background on my situation... In 2007 I picked up a Mac Book Pro and guitar rig with the foot switch, sold my Mesa recto verb 2x12 combo and...
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