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Recent content by unix-guy

  1. unix-guy

    Opinions and Help Needed

    You might try the Cab block with the cut slope at 36db...
  2. unix-guy

    Instrument input (secret sauce) differences FM9, FM3 & AF3

    Well then, looks like we have a conflict of information ;) I'm pretty sure the wiki is correct as I was thinking it did... Not in front of mine at the moment to confirm. @Admin M@ / @yek - who wins? Somebody's got an update required :D
  3. unix-guy

    Instrument input (secret sauce) differences FM9, FM3 & AF3

    Yeah, there are a handful of effects that are affected...
  4. unix-guy

    Opinions and Help Needed

    You should be able to achieve very similar results from the Cab block high and low cuts... What does your EQ look like?
  5. unix-guy

    Instrument input (secret sauce) differences FM9, FM3 & AF3

    I was thinking it did but I just checked the Blocks Guide which says only Axe Fx III....
  6. unix-guy

    Randy Rhodes got it done live with this rig. An FM3 and two pedals does this and more.

    "Rhoads" Sorry, personal pet peeves of mine ;)
  7. unix-guy

    Instrument input (secret sauce) differences FM9, FM3 & AF3

    That's not what Secret Sauce is... That's about optimizing signal to noise ratio. You're probably thinking about the variable Input Impedance, which the FM3 doesn't have...
  8. unix-guy

    Why are all the factory presets so bass heavy??

    Depends if you want the same cuts applied to all IRs you have loaded or the individual IRs to be EQ'd differently...
  9. unix-guy

    FS FS: Suhr Modern Koa

    Sorry you have to sell... Very nice guitar. Good luck!
  10. unix-guy

    Own Two of the Same Guitar?

    At one point, I had 10+ '87 and '88 Ibanez S540Pro guitars. All are essentially the same aside from finish color and hardware color. Some I built from parts, including stripping paint and hand varnishing. A few have some different pickups but most were stock. The difference between the 2 years...
  11. unix-guy

    Spruce thinline tele with random stain from the garage

    I like the brown one better... And the fretboard grain is interesting!
  12. unix-guy

    Waitlist Email

    One thought I just had: my expression pedals connect via midi using an Expression IO. My pedal jacks are used for external switches. Maybe the midi is the difference?
  13. unix-guy

    Opinions and Help Needed

    Because they are FRFR speakers not guitar speakers...
  14. unix-guy

    FM9 pre-delivery questions from a Helix user

    There is no option to disable it. However, if you go into the Setup->Utilities menu on the front panel you can page over a couple pages and see the exact value of the knob in a few seconds...
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