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Recent content by unix-guy

  1. unix-guy

    Powered Cabs

    None of them are going to sound like a real cab unless you mean a real cab, mic'd up in isolation. If you're using IRs, this is what you're getting.
  2. unix-guy

    Cab Lab 4 on deck?

    On closer inspection, I think you're right.
  3. unix-guy

    Powered Cabs

    Check this thread: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/electro-voice-pxm-12mp-report.167310/post-2009775
  4. unix-guy

    Cab Lab 4 on deck?

    I'm pretty sure he changed it when DynaCabs were released in the Axe Fx beta...
  5. unix-guy

    Axe fx 3 midi compatibility problem

    The screenshot I included shows the target can be PC or CC...
  6. unix-guy

    FC-12 & FC-6 Case

    Yes, they can be a good choice. There are a lot of options on Amazon as a starting point. I'm using a large Pelican Vault series case for my FM9 on a Temple Audio Duo 24 and 4 expression pedals on a Temple Audio Duo 17. It's large but it suits my needs and has rollers on one end.
  7. unix-guy

    FM3 issues with 2014 Mac

  8. unix-guy

    Axe fx 3 midi compatibility problem

    Ok - I just did a review of the GX-100 manual: https://static.roland.com/assets/media/pdf/GX-100_Reference_eng01_W.pdf It can send a PC from a "memory" (a preset, as far as I can tell) via the 1-4 buttons. It can also send CC with the C1 or C2 buttons (or pass the expression pedal midi)...
  9. unix-guy

    Axe fx 3 midi compatibility problem

    It's ok to use PC Mapping but that's not default behavior and it should be used when you know what you're doing. By default, when you send PC#1 you want it to go to preset 1. The main reasons to use PC Mapping is if you specifically want to map specific PCs from the controller to different...
  10. unix-guy


    Cooper is a forum member as well as a vendor. He also creates promotional content like this for G66, which as mentioned, is Fractal's European distributor. It's primary intent is probably not the Fractal forum, but it's still appropriate as there will be people interested in these artists...
  11. unix-guy

    Wish Per preset layout

    Any layout can have per preset switches. You don't need to use the Per Preset layout. All factory layouts are just starting points for you to use or modify as you see fit. I think you should break out the individual "issues" you have and ask for help. Set two switches for Bank...
  12. unix-guy

    RIP Tina Turner

    It did seem a little weak for Beck but I've definitely heard worse
  13. unix-guy

    How do you all fatten a Plexi patch

    It shifts the center frequency down:
  14. unix-guy


    Which 3rd party, exactly? This video is about the FM9 and how it's used by a Fractal artist. See the post above from @Admin M@.
  15. unix-guy

    Easiest way to send bpm to drummer from axe fx

    Yes, Live BPM works really well!
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