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Recent content by unix-guy

  1. unix-guy

    1978 early Van Halen Live video clip

    I'll watch the rest when I get some free time. Watched thru Atomic Punk. Excellent! I wish I had been able to see them in those days... But I was 10 in '78 and hadn't quite yet discovered KISS, much less Van Halen.
  2. unix-guy

    Wish Amp block wishes

    Isn't that how things work if you don't use Ideal Mode for the Amp block? That's the "old" way before Ideal mode existed.
  3. unix-guy

    MFC-101 Mark III Display failure, dips after turning device on

    Open it up and make sure all the ribbon cables are well seated. If that doesn't fix it, contact Fractal support.
  4. unix-guy

    FM3 Update. September 12 2019

    Wow... Long time to be a forum member and not be a product owner!
  5. unix-guy

    Iconic song <-> movie associations

    Axel F - Beverly Hills Cop
  6. unix-guy

    What are your favorite expression pedal effect blocks

    That's Input Trim, I think.
  7. unix-guy

    RIP Ric Ocasek

    Whoa! That is sad news... :(
  8. unix-guy

    What are your favorite expression pedal effect blocks

    I already did above... ;)
  9. unix-guy

    Wish Combining a few recent wishes regarding Channels and Scenes and Linkage (oh my)

    I like the concept... No idea how difficult this would be to implement, but I suspect it would be challenging.
  10. unix-guy

    Wish Hints / Pop-ups in Axe Edit III?

    Been wished for since (at least) the Axe Fx II...
  11. unix-guy

    What are your favorite expression pedal effect blocks

    Nobody can answer that for you. It depends on what you are trying to achieve.
  12. unix-guy

    What are your favorite expression pedal effect blocks

    I mean the CPU usage can jump considerably. Because of that, you could get all sorts of unexpected behavior. Hence why it isn't recommended.
  13. unix-guy

    Which IEM's are you using?

    Yeah... And the HD-650 are semi-open, too.
  14. unix-guy

    Which IEM's are you using?

    Frequency graphs would be great. I never found any... Honestly, I prefer my HD-650 headphones over the IEMs. If it weren't for gigging/rehearsal I would not use the IEMs.
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