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Recent content by unix-guy

  1. unix-guy

    Level in Block Tied to Channel

    You're asking about a modifier on the Level, not the Level itself (which is independent for each channel). Modifiers have 2 options: apply to ALL channels or apply to ONE channel. It's not possible to have different modifiers on the same parameter on different channels... Unfortunately :(
  2. unix-guy

    Copy output 1 or output 2?

    In your setup, probably not. In fact, since the Matrix takes 1/4" as well as XLR inputs, you could use only Output 1 if you don't need to manage the levels differently. Send XLR to FOH and 1/4" to Matrix.
  3. unix-guy

    Another guy getting started

    A few comments: leave power Amp modeling ON with a solid state amp. As far as the presets, I'm thinking maybe you are confusing presets with Amp models? The Axe Fx II XL+ has 384 factory presets and 768 total preset slots. There are at least a couple AB preset packs, so you'd need to be more...
  4. unix-guy

    Tap tempo issues

    Mostly I don't have to anyway since I typically use BandHelper to send the tempo for each song...
  5. unix-guy

    Strat tone controls (how are you wiring yours?)

    Sorry... All my guitars are master tone. But I have no Strats :(
  6. unix-guy

    Strat tone controls (how are you wiring yours?)

    Sorry, but my grammar alarm is going off too much to ignore :D: too to to
  7. unix-guy

    FM3: When?

    I would be extremely surprised if you were correct, based on past wait-list experience.
  8. unix-guy

    Third-Party MIDI Spec

    Also exactly what happens on the FC... You have to press Play to come out of overdub and keep the loop playing.
  9. unix-guy

    Unexpected MIDI Problems - Need some advice please

    Do you happen to have a USB to midi adapter? You can connect the TB-12 to your computer and run a free midi monitor like Midi-OX to see if it's sending anything. I would suggest buying a cheap midi cable on Amazon for a few bucks to confirm it's not a problem with your cable.
  10. unix-guy

    Axe-Fx III clean amp sounds compared to Kemper cleans

    Unfortunately, no. You're about 8 years past the cutoff. ;)
  11. unix-guy

    My scenes constantly scroll when using footswitch

    Page 12 of the manual:
  12. unix-guy

    My scenes constantly scroll when using footswitch

    Do you have both switches set as the same type (momentary or latching)?
  13. unix-guy

    Austin Buddy for Axe-Fx 3: starting point?

    His question was about whether or not he needed to load the "original" versions before loading the updated versions.
  14. unix-guy

    Volume pedal setup question

    Are you using a known, good TRS cable? Kind of sounds like one side of the cable (or other wiring inside the pedal) is bad. Edit: Ignore my comments... I somehow missed the part about the calibration showing the full sweep ;)
  15. unix-guy

    Cabs axe fx 3 in axe fx 2-

    I think your question was about obtaining the Axe Fx III factory cabs for use in the Axe Fx II? That is not possible as the cabinets are part of the firmware. Technically, it is possible to capture them... But it's not ethical.
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