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    How are you doing drums?

    I edited the original post because it seems those who posted thought I meant sound, versus rhythm.
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    Horde of Sirens (progressive/tech metal)

    Instantly reminds me of Pestilence's Spheres.....with some Dillinger Escape Plan....and some other stuff.
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    How are you doing drums?

    How are you doing drum rhythms? A lot of the recordings here sound like custom rhythm arrangements. Are they programmed?
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    Question for E standard, metal players..

    Groovy, man. Now my problem has been including too much mids.
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    Who's using ACTIVE tone stack in their *high gain* models?

    Carry on, my firm-minded bro. [re-thinking/writing my last] Well, sure, that's what I've been doing. But having, most recently, come from using a Rocktron Taboo Artist, where it has a 4-band fully parametric eq, and liking some tones a bit (as much tone as the thing can give, anyways), I was...
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    At your own risk: some hopefully bizzare experience

    I'm not happy with my efforts, and it obviously ain't comin easy, so I'm relinquishing indefinitely.
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    Solo Lesson: Don't tell Me You Love Me

    I watched for the cat, and was non-plussed. You don't have a freaker kitty??
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    Preamp Bias ... Yes!

    Very interesting. This should be in the axe-edit page. Between this and lowering the trim level a little, a sweeter sound comes from raising the bias. In the case of my FAS6160 patch, I raised the bias to 200. 300 made the tone a little dull.
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    Is 'Amp Trim' the same as Global Amp Gain?

    So. They seem to behave a little differently. Or, at least the ranges are different. Ultimately, it's easier getting a nice tone (there seems less treble) using the trim level. .7 works great for my Lace Deathbucker.
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    Question for E standard, metal players..

    if there are any today.... Anyways. Did you start off scooping the mids, but have gone to the light side?...without turning down the gain? Why? And can you post some patches?
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    Is 'Amp Trim' the same as Global Amp Gain?

    I've left the global amp gain stock, but recently have played around with input level and I think was getting similar results - though I'm going to somewhat reverse that. Always looking to make the tone sweeter.
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    Who's using ACTIVE tone stack in their *high gain* models?

    In the POD manual, it says an standard passive control amp is: bass and treble boost from 0-10, mid reduces cut from 0-10. Hence a 'flat' eq is bass and treble at 0, mid at 10. I assumed only the decibel level was affected in either case - a logarithmic response for passive, and something...
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    Separated at Birth?

    Nah. Ya's heads is different, he looks italian, and his nose is convex. I think you're cuter. As a young teen, when encountering the first Beastie Boys album, I thought I looked like Mike D in the inside cover of the album where he has shades and a cap on....but take those off an we...
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    Synethic - second track is out!

    There's a lot of different stuff, covering two decades and four or five styles of metal and rock.
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    Who's using ACTIVE tone stack in their *high gain* models?

    I messed around with this a couple weeks ago, but went back to passive as it seemed the interactivity of the tone controls made for more 'liveliness' in the tone and feel. Going to try again, though, cos I'm curious. Anyone else using the active stack?....can you post a patch?
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