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Recent content by ssmorga78

  1. ssmorga78

    Can't Change Bank Size in FC-12 with FW11 Beta #8

    Update. Apparently it needed a day to reset or something ..... plugged it back up yesterday to rehearse some songs and it was working fine. Not sure what the deal was the night after the update, but all is well now.
  2. ssmorga78

    Can't Change Bank Size in FC-12 with FW11 Beta #8

    As the title states .... I went to change my Bank size from 3 to 7 for an upcoming Good Friday service .... and while it saves it in the FC Setup section, it will NOT allow me to select any other option in Preset(Select in Bank) besides 1, 2, or 3 which is what my previous setting had been in my...
  3. ssmorga78

    U2 - "Pride (In the Name of Love)" Cover - Cygnus AC30 TB

    "Cover Band" ..... lol, just a bunch of amateurs! That's the worst attempt at that song that I've ever heard! Y'all should be ashamed!!! And just in case you couldn't hear the sarcasm ..... that was a GREAT DAMN JOB!!! You guys should be laying original stuff down somewhere and making money...
  4. ssmorga78

    Wish Silvertone 1484 Twin Twelve and Labseries L5 / L7

    That Twin Twelve would be pretty nice to have! Great OD sounds in that setup .....
  5. ssmorga78

    *FREE* Far-Field Session #2 Cab Pack

    Probably just my browser acting up again .....
  6. ssmorga78

    *FREE* Far-Field Session #2 Cab Pack

    Anyone know why the file will no longer download? Or am I the only one having this issue?
  7. ssmorga78

    Wish Ibanez Mostortion and Nobels ODR-1

    I'm going to shoot this request up to top again .....
  8. ssmorga78

    Is there a way of changing the range of gain in the Drive block?

    I own the 1981 and have owned a Rat before. I can confirm there is NO difference in the gain amounts. The one thing that the 1981 gives you, as has been mentioned previously, is the ability to do the clean/low gain boost that the Rat never could pull off in its stock form. Just found out this...
  9. ssmorga78

    Anyone else running a pedalboard into Axe-Fx III?

    So, you have to go into the Settings menu in Axe Edit and set Input 2 to Stereo, then on each amp you will want to set the inputs(its on the Ideal Tab) to Left or Right depending on which amp you want on what side(I also hard panned the amp the same direction I set the input to just to make...
  10. ssmorga78

    Anyone else running a pedalboard into Axe-Fx III?

    Also, curious as to why you chose to use Input 1 & Input 2 ... instead of using Input 2 L & R on the rear? I just watched a video that Worship Tutorials did on using a stereo board into the Axe III doing it that way. Just curious as to your reasoning in going the Input 1(front) and Input 2(L...
  11. ssmorga78

    Anyone else running a pedalboard into Axe-Fx III?

    I know this is a bit of an older thread, but can you screenshot or walk me through how you’re running your inputs and chain through the Axe once it’s inside? I’ve been a longtime Axe user(since the Ultra days) and got the bug over the summer when Covid got boring and built an analog’ish...
  12. ssmorga78

    Vendor York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: PRNC 110 OX Lite

    Hey Justin ..... did you ever happen to find anyone with a Morgan 1x12 local to you? Not sure if you know Rhett Shull or not(and I know he's over in Atlanta most of the time) but he has one already loaded with a Gold if you happen to ever work with him at all?
  13. ssmorga78

    Morgan AC20 Deluxe

    I agree .... but, in Joe's defense, he does just have it labeled Cut and doesn't specify whether it's a High Cut or Low Cut. He just kinda leaves it for everyone who does a demo video of the thing to butcher describing what the controls do on their own, lol
  14. ssmorga78

    Morgan AC20 Deluxe

    Yes, yes, yes ..... I know that! I just wanted to try and A/B comparison with settings in the same general areas just to test out .... that was the reason for my question, just to make sure it was done that way on purpose.
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