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Recent content by squealie

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    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    Any comments on the sound? I'm thrilled with the last quantum version. Whats this bringing?
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    Reviews on those that have received their FC's?

    Often hitting F6 while looking for the wah.
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    FS Axe-Fx Ultra, Mission SP-1, OFR Floyd

    All Items for sale, Location is Virginia, USA Fractal Axe Fx Ultra. I bought this new from Fractal like 10 years ago. Original owner. Gigged with it probably 100 times. It does have the COMMON value knob problem. Makes it annoying to try to edit from the front panel, but if you are going to...
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    Anyone using S/PDIF I/O with a cheap interface?

    Understood. In my experience, I prefer the sound from the analog outs of the Axe going to the analog ins of my IO. I've done AES/SPDIF and it sounds great, but for whatever reason, it sounds fatter even with the extra DA/AD conversion. If my interface was weak however, I'd probably always do...
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    Anyone using S/PDIF I/O with a cheap interface?

    You're bypassing all conversion with S/PDIF So, bluntly, no. But there are other pitfalls. Jitter and clocking and whatnot. If you're having success with the Axe as the interface, why not stick with it?
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    Why Do I Always Struggle With Cabs?

    I always hated my IRs (factory, 3rd party, whatever) when i would endlessly flip through them on a patch. It wasn't until i just settled on some, that I started loving them. I know that sounds dumb...but there is something that happens to your ears when you scroll through 30 cabs while looking...
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    Line6 POD Anniversary

    I got into 'modelling' using the COSM guitar crap onboard my VS-880 recorder (1997). I liked it enough to play it direct through a little PA. It was an 'interesting' sound and I was bored with my ADA MP-1 / Intellifex rig that I had used live for 4 years. I also got my POD in 1998 and got...
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    I miss a new Axe-Fx II firmware...

    New firmware was always like Christmas. Thanks to fractal for all the fun.
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    Purchased my first Axe-Fx II and looking for expression pedal recommendations

    For myself...the little rubber feet that act as spacers on the rocker plate (treadle?) ...fell out the first week. Thankfully I found them and glued them back in. But they still fall out occasionally. Once I lose one...the pedal will be useless. The white 'M' on the rubber skid really...
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    Old rack gear : sell it, keep it, trash it ?

    The Intellifex and Hush might actually do OK? Its been a few years but I got a decent return on my old Intelifex blackface and Rocktron 'guitar silencer' (specialized 2 channel rack hush) and Chameleon(that thing was absolute junk) Of course, with AxeFX standards and Ultras going for <$600 i...
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    Are Phil and Viv using Brit Pre or JMPRE-1 on the III?

    I watched some 'rig rundown' the other day...and Viv's tech said: 'we uploaded the stems from the recording to the rack' ... huh? I reckoned he meant IRs but then he went on to show a JMP1 and a Palmer speaker simulator in the rack. I don't know what the hell these guys were up to.
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    Hi-hat - sound replacement vs pads? Advice needed.

    Which seems odd to say on an AxeFX forum.
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    Hi-hat - sound replacement vs pads? Advice needed.

    I've had this conundrum for a while myself. Wanting the control of MIDI in case something needs tweaked ...but wanting to get a real feel on the hat. What I found: 1. Real Hats are very easy to record. Especially if the rest of the kit is relatively silent (MIDI) 2. Its way quicker to fix a...
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    Should I buy a EVH 5150 Striped Series Guitar even though it's made in Mexico?

    I have a MIM Charvel Di-Martini. IIRC the EVH stuff is made by the same people under Fender umberella as Charvel pro-mod stuff. Its a nice guitar. I've had one issue with it. The neck pocket is tight, and even with the screws cranked, it would still shift a tad if I pulled on it. I...
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    Ozzy’s Mama, I’m Comin Home (Preset included)

    Ha! I feel that! If you're interested, I was dicking around with my tone for the clean part and found that adding a touch of a pitch block with an octave up gave it some life that I was sorely missing.
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