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Recent content by Slammin Mofo

  1. Slammin Mofo

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Scar Tissue

    The user cab is actually a tone match block. I've exported and uploaded the IR from the tone match block, but keep in mind that my guitar has a DiMarzio Area 67 pickup in the neck position. It has a very distinct and bright sound so you might find the attached IR useless. I could've used the...
  2. Slammin Mofo

    Tone match of Mesa 295 Power Amp?

    Have you tried the Two Notes Wall Of Sound III plugin? The latency it adds is actually pretty reasonable, so you should be able to play with it in real time in your DAW, but that's about the only somewhat authentic power amp simulator and IR loader out there. There are some others offered by...
  3. Slammin Mofo

    Tone match of Mesa 295 Power Amp?

    Were you able to recreate the power amp tone through a tone matched eq curve and the tube pre amp model? I'm interested, because I also have a preamp lying around that I'd like to try in that constellation, though I'm currently using the Two Notes Torpedo Wall of Sound III plugin with the power...
  4. Slammin Mofo

    EXTREME - Get The Funk Out SOLO

    !!!DAMN!!! What ferocious playing! I agree with Triaxis75. There are people who cover this very difficult, albeit beautiful, solo in a normal fashion and then there is your cover. It's head and shoulders above anything that's out there. Truly a work of art! Flawless!!!
  5. Slammin Mofo

    2017 Rig Tour video - Rocco Pezzin

    Very nice gear! I especially love the fighter jet theme of the Frog amp! Do you prefer the variac mode to the normal one?
  6. Slammin Mofo

    Gibson w/ built-in OD... <sigh>

    They should fire Henry... way too many really bad calls this guy has made over the years...
  7. Slammin Mofo

    Chris Isaak - Wicked Game

    Thanks, guys! Warmoth Strat. Alder body, maple neck, ebony fretboard, LSR roller nut, Wilkinson Tremolo, David Allen Hot 54/59 SSS set, neck&mid position. Guitar directly into the Axe FX II with the uploaded preset, via USB into Logic Pro X, Klanghelm MJUC MK1 (vari mu style) compressor set...
  8. Slammin Mofo

    Blink 182 - First Date | MIXTEST

    Great cover! My favorite song, along with "The Rock Show", off that album! I remember seeing the "First Date" video on MTV for the first time way back... hilarious!
  9. Slammin Mofo

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Scar Tissue

    Thanks for the positive feedback, guys! I experimented with Plexi and Silver Jubilee models but they just didn't cut it. Then I read that he actually had a Fender Silverface Dual Showman that he used for clean sounds and the closest model to the Dual Showman that we have in the Axe is the...
  10. Slammin Mofo

    Chris Isaak - Wicked Game

    Here's my rendition of this classic song: I only used a little bit of Valhalla Verb (Taj Mahal patch) and the MJUC compressor in the DAW. The Axe FX II XL Q8.02 patch is uploaded below. Hope you enjoy it!
  11. Slammin Mofo

    Welcome Don Felder (The Eagles, Solo Artist)

    One of my all time favorite guitar players. His Airborne album is so damn good and his Heavy Metal soundtrack contributions ain't too shabby, either. It's great to see that he, too, has boarded the Axe Train!
  12. Slammin Mofo

    Mötley Crüe - Without You (SOLO COVER)

    I love it!!! Any chance that you and Vale will someday tackle "too young to fall in love" by the Crüe? You guys make the best 80's covers!
  13. Slammin Mofo

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Scar Tissue

    I'm a bit late, but hopefully you'll see my response. I used the Double Verb Vibrato Channel for rhythm and the Supremo Trem model for the solos. I had to tone match the rhythm guitar because I was using a slightly unusual guitar for a classical Frusciante tone. Frusciante uses Seymour Duncan...
  14. Slammin Mofo

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Scar Tissue

    Don't mind the two audio bits in the beginning. Soundcloud is a bit finicky, so I had to insert them in order to upload the song properly.
  15. Slammin Mofo

    Doug Aldrich Riffs

    I recorded some Doug Aldrich riffs from the song "call on me" by Whitesnake. I used the JVM OD1 Orange model along with the Triptik 1x12 mix cab. The guitar was a superstrat with a overwound PAF style pickup. If there's any interest in the patch, I'll upload it here. Hope you enjoy it!
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