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Recent content by sam

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    UAD Apollo via Thunderbolt incompatibility

    Have you tried trashing the core audio preferences? I would definitely try that. No doubt you probably already did.
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    Anyone have an electric car?

    Oh, yeah and it's designed and made here in the USA. Not sure how many cars are still made here, and I have nothing against foreign car companies, but I thought that was cool! When our Model Y was ready we picked it up from the Fremont factory. My guess is they made it that day or maybe the day...
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    Anyone have an electric car?

    We bought a Tesla Model Y two months ago. It's the first new car I've ever bought. It might not be everyone's cup of tea but we love it. We've been on some pretty long drives and I found I actually enjoy taking a 10 to 20 minute break every 2 or 3 hours. While long road trips can't be quite as...
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    Wow, tone matching acoustic!

    From the post it sounds like he is tone matching the piezo pickup output from his acoustic Taylor to the mic'ed sound of his Taylor.
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    Wow, tone matching acoustic!

    Any chance you would share the preset or tone match or a cab IR of your tone match? I also have a Taylor and am toying with tone matching and trying to create a nice preset like this.
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    ¿Tom Anderson Atom?

    I have a Cobra and a Bobcat and they are excellent instruments. Highly recommended. Also have a great Classic S, but that is not as closely related to the Atom.
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    CLR on speaker stand, anyone?

    I sometimes stack 2 CLRs. Small footprint and you can control levels to your ears (top one) and levels going out past your ankles into the room (bottom one). It's kind of like a hifi vertical 2x12 setup.
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    Vendor "MIKKO" - Next Gen Cab Sim | Shoot your own IR's [ML Sound Lab]

    Wow, really great idea. Congrats!
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    Quality of everything is getting worse

    Love my 2018 MB Pro. Best computer I've ever had. I even like the touch bar which I did not expect to like. I recently bought a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Tablet. It's pretty great but I broke it. They fixed it really quickly and I was impressed even though I had to pay due to the fact that liquid...
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    FRFR for (really) small gigs/stages

    If space is such a concern maybe just use a small 30-50 watt tube combo amp?
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    Cab for doubling on guitar/bass gigs

    Accugroove Latte. Awesome FRFR. Very clear and clean. Good throw. Nice amount of low end.
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    Suhr vs PRS vs ??

    Just saw your last post. Looks awesome. Personally I've bought all my Suhr and Anderson guitars used. When you find what you want it is often less than half price of a custom build. Maybe someday if I know exactly what I want I'll get a custom build.
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    Suhr vs PRS vs ??

    I have a few Andersons and I really love them. One thing that is great about them is they do short (Gibson) scale as well as Fender scale. I really like the neck joint. I definitely prefer it to my Suhr neck joints which feel more clunky and traditional and just in the way. Suhr guitars are...
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    Some more fusion

    GREAT playing and tone. It was a joy to listen.
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    FRFR Recommendations

    If you want it to sound perfect like your monitors get two CLRs. If you only want to get one then turn off one of your monitors. It will sound similar to that. It is the closest to a flat studio monitor of the choices.
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