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Recent content by ps43203

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    Anyone want TWO free Blackback IRs?

    Thanks for sharing. I love Black backs
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    Axe-Fx Ultra in 2017

    I dig mine and i'm old, been through it all and is still the best piece of gear I have ever purchased. Former, (still), tube amp snob and the Ultra cuts it for me.
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    Effects to use for Ambient Guitar Noises

    You love ISIS? No blocks for you!
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    2007-2017: 10 Years with the Axe-Fx

    Every modeler I have had in the past, which is ALL of them, from line 6, to the eleven rack and everything in between, all pale in comparison. I used to love my Digitech 2101's and 2120's and I have had several, they sound like ass compared to the Ultra, no lie. The dynamics are there...
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    2x12 Cab stereo or mono?

    The 2 upper jacks are the stereo 16ohm outputs and the lower one, is an 8 ohm mono jack, so it is both, according to the way it is labeled. No need to take it apart, just get a cheap multi meter and a speaker cable, put the positive lead on the tip, negative on the sleeve and set the meter to...
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    2007-2017: 10 Years with the Axe-Fx

    I have the same sentiment as yourself. I have followed Cliff and the gang, since the beginning and yearned to own one. As a disabled Dad of 3, getting one was very difficult, but I finally found my way into an Axe-Fx Ultra and I am content, no gear chasing. I hear a sound I like and I cop it...
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    Help I'm new here

    Try here bro, http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/
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    Cab-Lab 3 Live Mode Buffer Issues

    Hate to bump this old thread, but this is my issue also. I am running a Core i7, 16gb ram, and cab lab vst alone, on one track, and cab lab 3 sucks 24% CPU. My system is fully Black Viper tweaked and all. Runs everything else great. Surprised this is not a common issue?
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    Could use a little help this morning (USB issue) (RESOLVED)

    Contact support, for sure.
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    Returning from the Kemper swamp - back to the Axe!

    I agree. The Kemper just doesn't have the ability to process ir's like the axe-fx, not to mention the superior effects in the axe. I almost went for the Kemper, but went for the Ultra instead, so just imagine how much better the II is.
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    State of the Union for FAS - what's next for Axe Fx and more

    Being an owner of an Axe-Fx Ultra, I can tell you that I am happy with it and there are plenty of great tones in there. In addition, there is enough in the unit to keep anyone busy for years. The Axe-II is double the fun of the Ultra, so your best bet is just to get in now. I would have the...
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    After 10 years, I'm done...

    Cool to still find something new after 10 years, right Yek? I have been considering the Matrix too, thanks. Now I just need at least, one good cab. My Marshall Mc412 SUCKS. Celestion Rocket 50's are junk with an axe-fx.
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    Purchasing Axe-FX II for Apartment use, what else do I need?

    Honestly, If you really want to do the axe justice. Get the most expensive studio monitors, you can afford. Unless your playing live. then frfr or cab/poweramp. I really didn't get the full experience until i grabbed a pair of Presonus Eris E5's, cost me $180.00 for the pair, shipped...
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    Ultra Patches

    Thank You, can never have too many presets to check out.
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    Wish FX-8 Rackmount & Made in the US

    Ax-8 rack mount would be cool too. If anything it should be cheaper, considering the foot switch aspect would not apply. I don't know. I guess the r&d of making a separate rack device, at a cheaper price point, would add to the cost. Hmmm
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