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Recent content by philipacamaniac

  1. philipacamaniac

    Wish Midi Command to select which Layout is active.

    https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/midi-change-layout-view.169731/ Also see Matt’s response in this thread: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/change-view-or-layout-via-midi.163409/
  2. philipacamaniac

    EV1 & FM3

    As long as you don’t use it as a “global” volume pedal, you get to determine what the expression pedal is used for per-preset (and if you’re clever, per-scene). One of those options is to place a volume block in the preset, so then you’d have a volume pedal again. But no, the physical...
  3. philipacamaniac

    FS-6 External Switch

    I think you can only use the “Hold” function on an external switch if you make it a Stand-In switch. That would be the only way to do Tap/Tuner on one switch. But you have 9 Layouts with 12 switches (divided into 4 views on the FM3) available… just assign the Stand-In switches to a Layout you...
  4. philipacamaniac

    John Petrucci interview discussing the use of his Axe-Fx III

    You don’t need just a guitar tech, you’d need an amp tech too. Night after night, tubes getting hammered around… Almost seems like there’s a better alternative in 2021.
  5. philipacamaniac

    Amp Suggestion: Great Drive Tone For Tele

    That’s a new name as well, thanks for the tip!
  6. philipacamaniac

    Blocks Guide Update

    Weird, I’m seeing those on my end. Just not Timothy 3. Did you double check that your first page is dated April 2021?
  7. philipacamaniac

    Blocks Guide Update

    The Compressor Block types need to be updated. Missing JFET, DynamiComp, and maybe a description of the two varieties of each of the Studio Feed-Forwards and Studio Feed-backs. Also, the Emphasis parameter shows up on the Config page of the JFET compressor. For all other types, it only shows up...
  8. philipacamaniac

    Amp Suggestion: Great Drive Tone For Tele

    It amazes me that this many decades into playing guitar, I can still discover guitarists from the classic years that I’ve never heard of. Thanks for the heads up, I’m going to get lost in a Roy Buchanan YouTube deep dive now. Sorry for the thread tangent. Back to the 90s drive tones, yeah!
  9. philipacamaniac

    Amp Suggestion: Great Drive Tone For Tele

    Yeah typically the Deluxe Reverb Vibrato is used when I feel like switching over to my LP Special, unless I’m doing some classic country western. But man oh man, the Tweeds and Tele are a match made in heaven. My fix for the blackface-style scoop is hitting it with the right drive block...
  10. philipacamaniac

    Amp Suggestion: Great Drive Tone For Tele

    The two amps you name have been in my main presets for the last 5 years at least. I don’t play in a 90s cover band but I do love to jam out to Gin Blossoms type stuff, and when I write new music it sometimes has a 90s flavor to it. I don’t usually feel the need to go heavier than a drive block...
  11. philipacamaniac

    Foot Controller assignment issue

    At least one issue - you are editing Layout #1 for the FM3, but you have the startup layout set to Layout #3.
  12. philipacamaniac

    Wish Color Code The Mini Tuner

    Actually, this is basically how I have an always-on Turbo Tuner set. It has 0.02 cents precision and shows the note I’m attempting to play, and it’s a really bright red LED screen, so it is my digital assistant yelling this exact phrase constantly haha.
  13. philipacamaniac

    Gig volume with FRFR/Monitors

    What are you monitoring through live? That can greatly affect the feel as much as volume. Most monitor wedges aren’t going to sound anything like HS7s, and aren’t all that flat unless you’re spending $$$ on high end brands like Martin, L Acoustics, etc. If you’re monitoring through your own...
  14. philipacamaniac

    What are your favorite FM3 Accessories?

    I just got a waitlist EV2. Finally ordered one after years of using a non-linear taper VPjr. An expression/volume pedal is probably the most important accessory for stage performance.
  15. philipacamaniac

    FM3 Firmware Version 3.03 beta 1

    Teach me your ways. I love this.
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