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  • P.S I have transferred funds for the return postage of the module, but no communication from Tom to say when or if it is being despatched, no more than I have come to expect really. Hope you get yours sorted soon.
    Thanks, I did the same thing on the Atomic forum and no response from them. I contacted Jace on there and he responded with a shorter version of what he told others. He said he would contact the head of repairs and find out what is going on but he told me this same thing months ago and never got back to me. Glad you may finally see the end of this and get yours back though.
    I had the same message from Jace about 2 months ago, the head of repairs is Tom King. Try contacting him direct if you haven't already done so, his email address is tking@atomicamps.com.
    Thanks, I just got an email from Tom King with some explanations and a promise they have a new shipment of parts and expect it to be ready in about a week. Time will tell if that happens...
    Thanks for your help with this.
    Atomic have had my CLR control module since Aug 17th.
    I posted on the Atomic Amps forum how 'well' I had been treated as a customer, which seemed to do the trick as Tom King emailed me direct the next day.
    I don't want to jeopardise my repair by repeating this on the Fractal Forum, as reportedly it has been done now.
    May I suggest you also post on their forum if you don't get any reply.
    Hi Paul...just wondering how using the FX loop in your Mark V with the FX8 is working out. I have a Mark V 90 and right now I have the FX8 set to 8 pre/0 post, unfortunately as that's the only way I'm getting *any* effects. I'm just starting to use an effects loop as well. Thanks for any help you can offer!
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