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Recent content by MrMunky

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    "tma-ref solo'd"???what is that means??

    It's what Greedo said right before Han shot him.
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    This new Fender Concert amp . . .

    That's what I meant. Just a brain fart.
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    This new Fender Concert amp . . .

    I think this one predates "way back when" by about 20 years, although I believe it was a 4x10. If I'm not mistaken, it's distinguishing feature was its tremolo, which sounds less like tremolo and more like the voice of a horny angel. But if the model in the Axe is any indication, it also has...
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    This new Fender Concert amp . . .

    Totally rocks.
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    A little Sonic Green Hill Zone action.

    Thanks guys. I got an EHX Organ Machine today, and I couldn't resist revising it to add this thing. It sounds great through the Axe FX. http://www.inrerocknroll.com/tunes/GreenHillZone.mp3
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    A little Sonic Green Hill Zone action.

    Does anybody remember 1991? http://www.inrerocknroll.com/tunes/GreenHillZone.mp3
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    TX Star Clean. One of the nicest new clean amps I've heard in a while.

    Outstanding and versatile. I don't think I've ever heard a real one. http://www.inrerocknroll.com/tunes/Tex.mp3
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    FW14 Super with Spring Reverb

    Outstanding. Thanks for sharing!
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    Fun with teh Brootalz and the new spring reverbs.

    I'm a fan of both. http://www.inrerocknroll.com/tunes/Brootalz.mp3
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    FAS Brootalz: Don't let the name fool you.

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    Who Wants to Test Some New Firmware? (12.03 Beta 5 UPDATE)

    Barberpole phaser! I'm afraid there's not an icon that adequately expresses the joy.
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    Get Yer 11.0 Beta Here!

    Fo' Shizzle.
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    This (relatively) new tape chorus is excellent!

    I know I'm late in picking up on this great option that Cliff snuck into the chorus (along with a bunch of awesome other additions that distracted me), but this "Vintage Tape" chorus is beautiful! http://sites.google.com/a/inrerocknroll.com/home/tunes/Wandrin.mp3
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    I cannot get enough of this Supro.

    Thanks guys. The speaker on that clip was "Factory 11: 1x12 Boogafunk Blue (RW)."
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    I cannot get enough of this Supro.

    Absolutely fantastic. http://sites.google.com/a/inrerocknroll.com/home/tunes/Souper-o2.mp3
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