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Feb 22, 2019 at 6:02 PM
Nov 29, 2009
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Cab Pack Wizard

Working on some Premium IR's. Can't wait for you to try them out. :) Oct 30, 2015

ML SOUND LAB was last seen:
Feb 22, 2019 at 6:02 PM
    1. Javid
      I have 4x12 USA Trad 57-121 ML and 4x12 USA Trad 906-421 ML and 4x12 Brit 80s ML I could not find exactly like those you suggested Try 4x12 USA Trad (ML) and 4x12 Brit TV (ML) cabs. I tried 4x12 USA Trad 57-121 ML and 4x12 USA Trad 906-421 ML and 4x12 Brit 80s ML with Friedman amps. HBE V2 did not sound good. Please advise. Thanks
    2. Javid
      Hey Mikko, which amp I should use with your Demo cabs?
      1. ML SOUND LAB likes this.
      2. ML SOUND LAB
        ML SOUND LAB
        I love the Friedman amps. HBE V2 is pretty awesome. :)
        Apr 26, 2016
    3. Javid
      Hi Mikko, I love to buy all your packs but not sure is working with my gear. I have FX II XL connected to Marix FX1600 power amp to pair of Matrix FR212. I never got any presets works fine with my gear. could you please help me. Thanks Javid
      1. ML SOUND LAB
        ML SOUND LAB
        Hey Javid! You can try the free stock cabs I've made as a "demo". Try 4x12 USA Trad (ML) and 4x12 Brit TV (ML) cabs. See if you like how those sound first. :)
        Apr 25, 2016
    4. Wolfenstein98k
      Hi ML,

      Any chance you'd consider "budget" packs with just the Alloy/Ace/whatever IRs rather than the whole packs? I'd love to buy these, but I can't justify buying the whole packs as they stand because my playing time is limited (I'd never use >95% of the IRs)

      1. ML SOUND LAB
        ML SOUND LAB
        All packs are budget packs. ;) This has been discussed on the forum a couple of times. I'm definitely interested in an "Ace pack", however I doubt it will be the budget option that some people expect it to be. You're not paying for quantity when buying these packs. You're paying for quality and versatility.
        Apr 22, 2016
        Wolfenstein98k likes this.
    5. Joedy Rose
      Joedy Rose
      Just got the Cab pack 16 for Suhr. Running through my Freedman ASM-12 and blown away !!/ Thanks
      1. ML SOUND LAB likes this.
      2. ML SOUND LAB
        ML SOUND LAB
        Joedy that's good to hear! Have fun! :)
        Mar 20, 2016
    6. jamie7074
      Hey Mikko, Love your input on everything on the forum. your sound is most excellent, and techniques to good tone work for me. i wanted to ask what type of speaker setup do you you use live, during rehersal, and when your just by yourslef messing around. thanks again for all the hard work.
      1. ML SOUND LAB likes this.
      2. ML SOUND LAB
        ML SOUND LAB
        First of all thank you so much for liking my work. :) I use Shure IEMs live and in rehearsals as well. At home I use Yamaha HS7 speakers and Beyerdynamic DT880 headphones most of the time. Nothing too fancy. A very neutral sound is important.
        Jan 16, 2016
    7. GeeJee
      Hi Mikko, I've got most of your packs and love your vision on IR's, but cannot find the right IR for my two bands. This has more to do with my level of insecuraty about my tone than anything else. Which IR's would you suggest for my Thin Lizzy band and Iron Maiden band? I really hope you can point me in the right direction. What about the L-cut/H-cut-settings? Thanks in advance!
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      2. GeeJee
        Thanks for your fast reply. I'll try your suggestions. Can you point me in the "Shirley-direction"? Is he a forum-member?
        Nov 20, 2015
      3. ML SOUND LAB
        ML SOUND LAB
        Nov 20, 2015
        GeeJee likes this.
      4. GeeJee
        Thanks for the link. Now I see his picture I remember I met him when he was Joe Bonamassa's manager.
        Nov 20, 2015
    8. gibsonash
      Hi , i have many of your Cab Pack but i need just one ".ir file"of the stock F059 4X12 TV Mix C4 (ML) for mixing with Cab Lab ...
      Is it possble you share it to me ?
      Thanks in advance .
      1. ML SOUND LAB
        ML SOUND LAB
        That's a mix made by Cliff from Cab Pack 8. No idea what's in it. :)
        Nov 9, 2015
      Working on some Premium IR's. Can't wait for you to try them out. :)
    10. giorgos02
      Hey "Clark Kent",

      First of all I want to thank you for all the things I have learnt from you.

      Recently I started messing with the Izotope Ozone and stuff.. and some guy suggested me to look at the Axe FX forums for your threads where you talk about what to look for when looking at the spectrum analyzer..

      I have searched for 2 hours now but I haven't seen any thread where you talk about these stuff.

      Could you please link me some of these threads so I can learn more stuff from you? I am interested in Hi Gain tones.

      Thanks in advance.
    11. ML SOUND LAB
      I'll most likely post some of them in public soon so keep an eye out for that!
    12. Ultra-Marvin
      Hey man, i was watching your eq match tutorial on youtube. I dont have the software etc to do all that. Is there any chance you could send me some of the tones you made? i know they willl sound fairly different with my guitar etc but id really appreciate if you could send me some. Cheers, Jake
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