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Recent content by Mike M

  1. Mike M

    [fixed] Error - New Axe-Fx Ultra owner

    How do you load factory presets. I am pulling my ultra out of 6 year hibernation, and all factory and my presets are gone?
  2. Mike M

    Anyone using the Axe in church worship?

    I played two services yesterday to a church of 1000. Use an Ultra and MFC 101 and one external Mission Volume/Expression pedal, for when you get a sub par sound guy that falls asleep during you lead riff:) When I am not using it for my worship team, my 12 yr old boy is using it for his youth...
  3. Mike M

    First time playing in church with my ultra...WOW!

    2nd time at church Well, the first time I was scared to use my ultra. This time I had some time to tweak. I used Cork sniffer and Mr Dumble with a few tweaks of my own. Wow, got some great reviews..... forget the reviews, I loved playing Dumble's for rhythm and lead........!!!! Have some...
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