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Recent content by Matt_B_77

  1. Matt_B_77

    Travel speaker for FM3?

    I picked up a Roland BTM-1 from Amazon recently and it's proven to be pretty cool. It's more than loud enough for its purpose and It's the only little portable speaker I found that had a BT connection and stereo analog input that could be run at the same time. I've not dabbled in the guitar...
  2. Matt_B_77

    Ultimate bedside amp?

    I've been looking for a simple and small solution for a bedside amp. I looked at all the various feature complete models (e.g. Katana Air, Yamaha THR, etc) but none of them have the feel and response of FA gear, at least for me. After getting an FM-3, I still have my AX-8 laying around so I...
  3. Matt_B_77

    Food for Thought -- Why Fractal Is Better

    Their product just feel right in terms of dynamics and the responding to your touch, That is what separates them from everyone else. # of effects, amps, IRs, blah blah blah. Those are simple choices based upon marketing and budget. None of that matters if it doesn't feel right.
  4. Matt_B_77

    Does the fm3 have a hard drive in it?

    I'd worry about reliability, right or wrong or superstition :)
  5. Matt_B_77

    USB Issue

    I bad Best-tronics make me one for my Axe FX II and then they made me a pedalboard for my AX-8 with the same thing, including a courtesy AC outlet. The AX-8 board is now serving my FM-3 well and the only USB cable that ever gets touched now is on the patch panel.
  6. Matt_B_77

    Multiple Presets For Multiple Guitars?? Yes or No?

    When I adapt a preset that was built around one kind of pickup (e.g. PAF, Tone Zone, Bluesbucker, etc) for another (e.g. Injector neck (in the bridge), Area 61, Area 67), I just tweak the Input Trim on the amp. That's it. After that, I want the guitar to come thru. I don't know how accurate it...
  7. Matt_B_77

    ROD: The All Analog Studio Amplifier of the future...

    Why would I want to get a modeler WITH tubes. I bought a modeler to get away from them.
  8. Matt_B_77

    Input trim vs Input gain - Story of discovery!

    For the most part, I run PAFs so that is my output metric from which I use input trim to boost (e.g. Dimarzio Injector neck (in bridge)) or even cut (Dimarzio Tone Zone). That was I use the same presets for each guitar but the gain levels are pretty much the same across the board. Because...
  9. Matt_B_77

    Anyone running two FM3s?

    I have thought about it, from time to time, for the simple reason that I could be 100% content with 6 buttons total but I wouldn't want to have to manage presets between the 2 units, assuming they would be used to their full potential.
  10. Matt_B_77

    Wish IR Player

    I've become accustomed to using an PEQ after the cab block for the extra flexibility and precision so I could easily make due with a simple IR player with just IR, level, and pan. That should take up less CPU then a full blown cab block. :)
  11. Matt_B_77

    Who had the dumb idea of making 12" speakers the standard for guitar?

    I dunno who decided that besides all the people buying them :) LOL I like a nice 10" speaker myself. When I needed powered FRFR for my rig that's what I chose and couldn't be happier. But for IRs, I usually go with a 412 but perhaps I should try some of the 10" IRs I have too :)
  12. Matt_B_77


    A parts guitar can be great but it all comes down to who puts it together. :) As long as you are prepared to screw up anything you do, you're good to go.
  13. Matt_B_77

    tutorials on using buttons

    You really don't "delete" a scene per say. You can just create a scene with all effects bypassed then copy that scene to al the ones you want to "delete" And why do you feel the need to wipe out scenes in factory presets? Just trying to understand your motivation.
  14. Matt_B_77

    Adjusting low cut in live performances

    That's a good choice but if the guitar changes makes it more bassy then my first thought is to start that source which means cutting bass at the amp's input. One other way to try it would be to put a Filter block in your chain, set it to cut the bass for your 335 then just save the preset with...
  15. Matt_B_77

    Adjusting low cut in live performances

    The only way to sort of do this is to use the Global EQ on the output you're using but it's not the same as EQing the guitar before the amp. There is no other quick and easy way to do what you're trying to but there is a way. If I really needed to do this, I would get an expression knob and...
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