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Recent content by LerxstFan

  1. LerxstFan

    AX8 users moving to Axe-Fx III

    This is great to hear, since I'm considering an AXE-FX III. I love my AX8, but figured I'd have some time to learn the more complex unit.
  2. LerxstFan

    Pricing of AX8

    I picked up mine last August (2018) for $1199. Incredible deal, and happy I finally joined the Fractal family : )
  3. LerxstFan

    How to dial good lead sound for live use?

    Truth! Leon's videos, from getting started to hooking up a wah, to sharing the cool rigs he makes, have been a huge help to me. I wouldn't be getting as much out of my AX8 without all the knowledge he's shared!
  4. LerxstFan

    Some thoughts on global EQ

    So true! We use different soundmen for different gigs, and some places have their own soundtech. I use a wireless so I can go out front and interact with people, but my main reason is to really see how the mix is, and how I sound in it. 8 times out of 10 it's good/good enough. Usually the best...
  5. LerxstFan

    Classic Metal with the Atomica

    LOVE the tones - so classic metal \m/ Great playing, as always! The singer gets into old Fates Warning, Awaken The Guardian, territory - cool!
  6. LerxstFan

    "Stone in Love" 2nd Solo

    Lol - same here. We usually play Don't Stop Believing' at the end of the second set, and usually play Separate Ways toward the end of the last set. Still funny to me how many 'youngsters' who come out to see us get so amped up about Journey songs.
  7. LerxstFan

    "The spirit carries on" solo cover with AX8

    Great tones and playing - love that whole album!
  8. LerxstFan

    Best FW for AX8

    10.0 - my AX8 shipped with it, and I'm happy with the sounds I'm getting.
  9. LerxstFan

    AX8 Discontinued?

    Wow - it almost sounds like my band, minus the issues with a trumpet player and second guitarist : ) I'll pick up the FM3 at some point, but I'm just starting to tweak the AX8 and get tones I really like that fit the 80's songs we play, so I'm not making the live rig switch anytime soon.
  10. LerxstFan

    AX8 Discontinued?

    I bought my AX8 last August from the shop here in New Hampshire. It's an amazing piece of gear. Between the helpful information on this forum, the wiki, and all the great user created rigs I've bought, the tones and flexibility make the AX8 a huge leap forward from the Eleven Rack I gigged for...
  11. LerxstFan

    Mötley Crüe - "Looks that Kill" with preset

    That was AWESOME! Great tone and love the ending - lol
  12. LerxstFan

    AX8s Live

    Great job and tribute! We'll be playing that one tonight.
  13. LerxstFan

    Getting an acoustic sound from my electric guitar

    I use Moke's preset live for Crazy Little Thing Called Love and Come On Eileen, and a few others - sounds great!
  14. LerxstFan

    "Peace of Mind" Solo

    Great playing and great tune!
  15. LerxstFan

    RCF Speakers?

    Thank you for all the info and feedback! I could continue with my old EV, but want something that is more clear and has more power where I can use it as my monitor - primary function - and for a speaker at smaller gigs. Looks like RCF is a good pairing with Fractal products - thanks again.
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