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Recent content by Jul

  1. J

    Axe-Fx III vs Zoom 505 !!!

    Now just let me show ya'll my zoom 707 II ... ( can't believe I used to play through it out in public some 15 odd years ago- sounds like shit nowadays)
  2. J

    Midlife Crisis Car

    FWIW: I just bought my neighbor's old Prius which he was looking to unload when he recently got a new one. I've owned BMW's & Mercedes cars in the past and was a car snob for many, many years... Not any more . It's a nice ride with plenty of room for carrying stuff and also cool to see how...
  3. J

    Larry Carlton-Just an Amazing player

    Easily one of the top 5 greatest (and most versatile guitarists) in my book... sometimes I even consider him to be number 1.
  4. J

    Texas Lead and Clean - Mesa Lone Star

    Unreal... freaky good!
  5. J

    Congress passes Music Modernization Act

    Divisive or not - As is usually the case with new legislation... who sponsored the bill and who paid them off ( ahem, contributed to their campaign). Following the money trail most always leads to the intent / agenda - especially with this congress..
  6. J

    Dover and Dover again ... I'm a late starter. Vid and preset

    I love it ... and so does she.
  7. J

    Problem with other guitarist and combo amp : (

    Sometimes depending on circumstances I play with AxeFX plugged directly into the input of my Fender blues jr ( no fx loop return) and it cuts into the band mix quite well. My Apologies to the purists...
  8. J

    Cons to running Axe-Fx through traditional cab?

    Try a regular cab / amp or combo you may have on hand with cab sims (and even amp sims on) - it may be sacrilege ... but if you like the way it sounds so be it.. Caveat: If you are going to use an AxeFX then you gotta have an amp of some kind
  9. J

    Deluxe Tweed, 4 x OD's, EBMM Albert Lee - video

    Nicely done - a lot of good licks you have in there - as usual!.... Coincidentally I came really really close to buying a previously owned EBMM albert lee model guitar with two humbuckers about a month ago for a bit over $1100 after spotting it at my local Music Go Round. Ultimately came...
  10. J

    A little something different from XiTone Cabs...

    OK it is indeed a beautiful piece .... what is it again - please define an MBritt in this configuration with price ( I may have to get one ) ?
  11. J

    The amazing Fryette amp and 59bassguy

    exactly yes - @ 2:45 the show begins.... I will have to give this beautiful fugue a try with my les paul!
  12. J

    ‘80s-‘90s sound

    Great - My kind of playing & tones for sure !!! ( if I can ever quite get there)
  13. J

    Is it just something different or do cobalt strings sound GREAT?

    FWIW I tried out the cobalts last year on my strat.... not my cup of tea. I sensed a weird tonality that wasn't to my liking. Soon thereafter put on a set of DR Blues strings and everything AOK. YMMV
  14. J

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 10.01 Firmware Release

    Just loaded 10.01 to my AXE FXII Mark 1....couldn't help but play for a few hours afterwords (in the midst of my workday) - WOW!! Add me to the list of extremely satisfied and grateful Fractal Customers - for over 6 years running!
  15. J

    2 x videos, preset, Q10.01 BE C45 with SG and Tele in bluesy dynamic.

    NIce! ....my vote goes to the Tele playing / tone.
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