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Recent content by guitarmike

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    Fx3 and the real marshall jubilee

    sounds pretty damn good to me
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    Sticking with the FM3? Upgrading to FM9? Why?

    cant beet the ninr button switching optionc imo but the fm3 stays and i finally have a backiup just in i ve only ever had the lack of a backup bite me once and it was back in the tube amp daty blew an output trandformer on a really olg and great supro and had to wait for a friend to run home and...
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    we used to refer tthe numerous io problems idiot operators
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    Going from Axe Standard to FM3

    I remember the drives being reworked on the AxeIII, but when were the drives reworked on the FM3?
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    Need help with resistors

    Check mouser. I believe they have 1% metal oxide resistors..you can always go up on the power rating. I always do if they fit. Here ya go
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    Amp in the Room?

    With the wide variety of ir's out there, some of which are completely unusable imho, I bet I could play you ten different ir's with one being a simple eq with tweaks, and you wouldn't be able to tell me which one it is.
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    Amp in the Room?

    This is kind of what I was trying say back in this post... https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/ir-length.155295/page-2#post-1848351
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    Amp in the Room?

    Try adding this in parallel with a cab. Blend them to get the best result. Been doing this since the ultra days.
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    Jimi Hendrix's Marshalls

    According to every plexi & jcm800 I've ever worked on and every schematic I have ever seen, the tone stack in a plexi is exactly the same as a jcm800.
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    Jimi Hendrix's Marshalls

    That looks very clean. Did you wire it?
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    Jimi Hendrix's Marshalls

    Tone stack calculator Check out this link. You can get a visual representation of what the different values actually do.
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    Jimi Hendrix's Marshalls

    33k/500pf is pretty standard in the plexi's. The 56k/250pf is a holdover from the original Bassman amp.
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    Tommy Shaw coolness...

    Thank God, something uplifting!!!
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    Where Has Integrity Gone?

    Well, the pedophile business is expensive.
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