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Recent content by flageolet

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    Elder tone matching

    Hi, Loving all music by Elder, I would like to recreate their sound as much as possible. I have a beautiful sounding vintage hiwatt cabinet which should help, and since I don t like frfr too much, I want to keep playing through a real cab. I combine it with a Matrix power amp. So 2 questions...
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    Never Ever thought i'd say this....

    Played for years with an engl tube poweramp. Changed to matrix gt1000 to take more advantage of poweramp moddeling within the axefx. You learn to train your ears just by playing around with the axefx and i noticed the engl colouring too much eventually. Got a better tone, more flexibility from...
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    What is your favorite beer?

    Westmalle triple is my absolute nr 1 I like many others, but too many to mention. Almost exclusively Belgian beer though. When it comes to normal lager / pils, Stella and Maes are my favorites (over the most popular: Jupiler) But honestly in a blind test it could differ :) Heineken is however...
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    I don t understand patriotism. But i m belgian, so it s logical 😅
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    Covid-19 Pandemic Discussion

    Belgium has been hit hard in retirement homes recently. We do rapport as covid casualty, even if there s only a suspicion. This gives us a worse comparative view, but i think it s the right thing to do if other criteria are logged as well (not sure if they do) If every country would do that, it...
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    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    The whole fox thing and the georgia comments are just staggering to read. I m in europe but don t think we are immune to such stupidity and manipulation. Health care and definately education as well should not be taken for granted. Love samual jackson s message though. Sometimes it s better...
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    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Priorities seem in check with expectations ☑️
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    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Not really, but basically yes as they are exempt due to religious freedom. Luckily, it seems even churches themselves seem to realize the stupidity in that (in this case).
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    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    In belgium also applause every evening. Some medical personnel have mentioned there's a bitter after taste as many of the ones giving applause probably also voted in a direction that reduces our social security and health care. They hope people will learn and remember. Myself, i guess any...
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    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    So... In belgium first signs of 'flattening the curve' are showing. Here s what i will do *Keep washing my hands and face often *isolating as much as possible (i live in a city and still have to go to work sometimes, if not possible from home) *keep voting in a way that i think will benefit...
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    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Isolation measures in belgium prolonged to april 19th, with the message we should expect further prolongments. Logical.
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    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    And it will probably get worse if nobody talks some sense in the potus. Also wondering if the dutch government will take action or let economic interest rule.
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    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    News in belgium is not that optimistic. Measures can go on for a long time, which actually makes sense, since it all started with only 1 infected person.
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    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Of course US has a lot of dimwits, but that s a worldwide issue 🤔. Belgian here. After several days of quarantene measures, there are police patrols, but no major incidents. Also haven t heard anyone worry about riots and looting. I don t think people differ that much, so why would you...
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    Today’s corporate gig

    Poep in je hoofd.😆 Yeah, that s a classic all right. Greetings from belgium 😉
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