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Recent content by faulty_equipment

  1. faulty_equipment

    Wireless guitar recommendations

  2. faulty_equipment

    Wireless guitar recommendations

    Have had good luck w Carvin WG5. Black Friday sale now https://carvinaudio.com/collections/on-sale/products/wg5-wireless-guitar-and-bass-system
  3. faulty_equipment


    RIP :disrelieved:
  4. faulty_equipment

    Great Music Movies To Stream?

    Not sure what your tastes are but "Linda Ronstadt: The Sound Of My Voice" is good.
  5. faulty_equipment

    FM3 Now Shipping

    Ordered. 4/23 1:45pm EST
  6. faulty_equipment

    Feedback creator

    Couple years old but still good info https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/axe-fx-iii-block-to-simulate-freqout.143984/post-1703888
  7. faulty_equipment

    Block Libraries for Effects?

    Was this the one? https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/the-mother-of-all-pedal-and-effects-emulations-thread-for-ax8.147697/
  8. faulty_equipment

    FM3 Now Shipping

    It's my birthday today - THANKS!
  9. faulty_equipment

    Rick Beato using a III

    Didn't see this anywhere on the forum but Rick posted Episode 78 of his "What makes this song great" series featuring Deftone's Minerva a couple of days ago. Looks like he is using a III in the video. While not a tube snob he has usually said he prefers amps but he does make patches for Helix...
  10. faulty_equipment

    Synth pad - simple?

    This is for AX8 but should be similar in III Thanks to Leon Todd! @2112 Which was a follow up to this
  11. faulty_equipment

    Heart 'Magic Man' - Can the Axe-Fx 3 pull it off?

    Used to play this in a Heart tribute band about 10 years ago w/ @xrist04 with our Ultra's at the time. I played the clean part with IIRC a Fender with stock flanger. He played the solos with a Les Paul in standard tuning. Not sure but I think he was using a Marshall model with an OD but lord...
  12. faulty_equipment

    Does anyone else not gel at all with acoustic guitars?

    From watching Monte Montgomery it seems you need a 30+ year old guitar that looks like it was rode hard and put up wet (a Willie Nelson "Trigger") kinda guitar. Somewhere he says it's an 87 Alverez Yairi - oh and it doesn't hurt to have magic fingers.....
  13. faulty_equipment

    Preset Bundle - Sykes & Underrated Amps

    Thank you! I had just done a drag and drop with Axe-Manage Presets which worked but obviously didn't bring the cabs in. Imported as bundle and she took off and worked! They all sound really good - Thanks again!
  14. faulty_equipment

    Preset Bundle - Sykes & Underrated Amps

    I moved a bunch of my user cabs around recently and don't have any cabs in U06, U18, and U19 so no sound for me on these presets (except Sykes - sounds good!. I'm sure you have said before what cabs you were using but I can't find it. Please refresh my memory - Thanks!
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