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Recent content by dpeterson

  1. dpeterson

    Question about Setlist Maker, Ipad, and RJM Mastermind.

    Ok I have the ipad with Setlist Maker (also using Midimitter to translate) sending bluetooth commands to an Xvive bluetooth to midi dongle which is sending patch changes to the axefx and also changes the RJM mastermind. All this works when I change the song on the Ipad. I'm also trying to...
  2. dpeterson

    I've been impressed by the sounds of a Kemper...

    Still astonished they are on the same hardware (different form factors, but same hardware) since the start. Was just at a show, my sons band opened up for Black Veil Brides and Ded and it was like a Kemper commercial there. EVERYONE had one, bass and guitarists.
  3. dpeterson

    Nita Strauss and Fractal

    When she was sparring with Vai in that one video, if you stop to listen (not watch the eye candy), her tone is better than Vai's with all his t00bz.
  4. dpeterson

    Why Are Guitar Players Obsessed With Vintage Gear?

    People want what they cannot have. If you have ever played a real vintage strat with the tiny frets and it feels like it's going to fall apart, i'm not sure why anyone would want that. It's why EJ refrets and changes the radius on his old strats, in turn wrecking the value. Or a fretless...
  5. dpeterson

    Best Shoes for Long Gigs

    I got some adidas with memory foam in them feels like a cloud.
  6. dpeterson

    AXE-FX III took away the appetite to go to guitar shops

    Lack of gear (inventory) and covid did that for me.
  7. dpeterson

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00

    yeah it's all old and busted now. lol.
  8. dpeterson

    Mammoth WVH

    Yeah but without the last name would he have a #1 album, and would he get a spot on GNR's tour? I don't give a shit what he does, and just choose not to be on the like him because his dad was famous train. If you like his music that is cool, released under any other name and we wouldn't be...
  9. dpeterson

    Mammoth WVH

    He’s loosing them one by one. He would be better to just brush it off instead of talking trash. Needs a pr team bad. I don’t think I’m entitled to anything from him. Wish his dad was still breathing. Time will tell if the cock rock pays off.
  10. dpeterson

    Mammoth WVH

    Exactly the same situation. He’s a great player. But name one of his songs. Not his dads.
  11. dpeterson

    Mammoth WVH

    It's a valid question. Is it ground breaking? Who doesn't it sound like? Like a Tremonti ripoff personally. I'm a little miffed how he's treating his fanbase that is primarily made up of his dads fans. Without the last name he'd be in a pile of other bands that sound exactly the same...
  12. dpeterson

    Mammoth WVH

    Would anyone care if his last name wasn’t Van Halen?
  13. dpeterson

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00 Public Beta

    No the other bit people are selling their mark 1’s for.
  14. dpeterson

    Marty, that was very interesting music.

    Keyboards cant bend notes like a guit......
  15. dpeterson

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00 Public Beta

    So is it life changing sh*t or what?
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