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  • Sent you a PM about it. I sent the pics and invoice to polostate@hotmail.com

    If you need me to send them elsewhere let me know.
    Shipping UPS, if I shipped it out tomorrow (and this is a rough guess on the size and weight of the box, but it's pretty damn close, it says it would get to you Friday and the total shipping costs would come to $270.73 USD.

    That would make the total $2120 USD. If you want it, send the money on Paypal to editor@roguecinema.com

    If you select the gift option so I don't have to pay the Paypal fees, you can take $50 off the price. So the total for a gift payment would be $2070.

    Thanks man,

    Oh wow, I didn't realize you were in Boise. According to that google map they had, there's at least one other one in Meridian too. I'm on the list for an Axe II, but unfortunately I'll have to wait until the list is serviced to get it. I just don't have the extra 400 bucks to play the F5 game. :)

    Where are you playing at in Boise? I see you've been at Ha'Penny. My wife and I have been there lots of times. Maybe we can come and catch you there.

    You can e-mail me at editor@roguecinema.com or darkangl_28@yahoo.com

    My best friend is moving back from Arizona at the end of the month. He's a guitarist / drummer. He's probably going to buy my Ultra after I get my Axe II and then get himself a II after they become more readily available.

    Anyway, let me know your schedule and I'll see if I can get out to see you. :)

    Another Axe user here in Boise? I thought I was all alone out here. Moved here from Denver where every other guitarist has an Axe. I just received my II on Monday. Had my first gig with it last night. It was great but I still have much tweaking to do. Maybe you could make it out to a show and see the II in action. Send me a note a Zack@ZackTyr.com and I'll send you a notice of my upcoming gigs. I've got 4 gigs in Boise next week. Hope we can meet up.
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