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Recent content by deathbyguitar

  1. deathbyguitar

    What fresh Windows hell am I in for?

    I think Windows 10 is honestly fine once you remove all of the live tiles and pre-installed apps from the start menu. The control panel interface is also inconsistent and the notifications can be annoying at default settings but I'm happy with the performance and the features. I just wish that...
  2. deathbyguitar


    Any chance you need some additional physical labor in exchange for a discount on a cab? :D
  3. deathbyguitar

    Expressing our appreciation to Cliff...

    Yup. I imagine something like a Cab Pack or or other digital goods would be helpful as I imagine the margins on something like that are very high. Those 25% Chinese tariffs are still coming out of his pocket instead of being passed on to us.
  4. deathbyguitar

    "Upgrade" from AX8 to Axe-Fx II mkII

    Yeah for that kind of money I would get either an FM3 and an additional controller or just go straight to the III
  5. deathbyguitar

    Ibanez rg7420 and Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170

    Define "upgradable". Pretty much all electric guitars are upgradable since most of them use standard sized pickup mounts and hardware. A simple Google search pulled this up. There's a bunch of them. Problem solved. https://reverb.com/marketplace?query=Ibanez RG7420
  6. deathbyguitar

    Ibanez rg7420 and Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170

    Since that one is a discontinued model, I'm assuming you're getting it online? Or Craigslist or something? One thing that makes a big difference for build quality,especially with Ibanez, is where the guitar's manufactured. I'll take an older Korean model over an Indonesian one any day.
  7. deathbyguitar

    Ibanez rg7420 and Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170

    The guitar looks just as good as any other Ibanez. Has their own pickups which are hit and miss IMO but if it's what you're after, by all means get it. As far as the Power Stage 170, if you're not going to be plugging the Axe-FX II into a speaker and will only be using it for a recording...
  8. deathbyguitar

    Cab Pack 14??

    Maybe so. I use the VST version in every single Reaper session. You never know when you'll want to swap out a cab. I get clients who won't know exactly what they want their guitar tone to be and it's good to have the option to change cabs afterwards. I don't really mix IRs ever because I use...
  9. deathbyguitar

    Cab Pack 14??

    You could probably get around that by using the looper to play some riffs while you're adjusting the IR's in Cab Lab. Latency could be a driver setting issue, assuming it doesn't have latency issues in your DAW as well.
  10. deathbyguitar

    Cab Pack 14??

    There actually aren't any mixes. The TV cab has 29 different IRs, all with different mics and positions. There's 6 SM 57 IRs for it alone. You can easily make mixes with Cab Lab or loading two of them into a cab block. There's 223 IRs in CP14 and Cab Pack 5 included as a bonus and has 48 more...
  11. deathbyguitar

    Cab Pack 14??

    I'm using Cab Pack 14 right now, specifically one of the TV cabs. Sounds really good. I'm not a Marshall guy but it works for an EP I'm mixing. I haven't actually compared the stock TV cab with the CP14 ones side-by-side (I'm more of a Mesa guy) but I can whip up a comparison clip maybe tonight...
  12. deathbyguitar

    Windows 10 Sucks!

    I really like Windows 10 except for a few things. 1. Live tiles are trash. Useful on a tablet, sure...but I'm on a desktop. No need for them to be in the start menu by default, cluttering everything to hell. I think the new start menu is fine, also the Windows-X command gives me all sorts of...
  13. deathbyguitar

    Who's moving from a Axe-Fx II to FM3?

    MPT is Minimum Phase Transformed. IR's in that format have all the phase info destroyed so they can mix better with other IRs. "RAW" is Ownhammer's term for non-MFT I think since I only ever use Ownhammer. Cliff made an interesting thread about it...
  14. deathbyguitar

    Who's moving from a Axe-Fx II to FM3?

    I think I'm staying where I'm at for the time. It's tempting but I think at this point it's all diminishing returns for me. I only ever use like 2 presets on my II mark I and I've noticed a little extra detail/bite recently by changing swapping the MPT IR I've been using for the RAW version and...
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