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Recent content by deathbyguitar

  1. deathbyguitar

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone !!!

    Happy Thanksgiving, indeed. I'm thankful to everyone on the forum for posting such interesting topics for me to geek out over. I'm extra thankful for Cliff's long technical rants that I barely understand but could read for hours and never get bored. I almost prefer these rants to firmware...
  2. deathbyguitar

    What's the idea behind the FAS Bass model?

    Like the title says...I know it's an original creation but I'm not really sure what to make of it. Anyone using it for a bass rig? To my ears is kinda sounds like the Tube Pre model. I'm curious what the thought process was when makin that model but I'm sure the specifics are something that...
  3. deathbyguitar

    Do you use your III as a mixing tool?

    Have you tried the FAS-FX Reverb plugin? I use it on every mix.
  4. deathbyguitar

    Favorite Factory IRs

    My favorite are the York Audio Rectifier cabs. I use those with my XiTone at band practice and they cut through really well.
  5. deathbyguitar

    Anyone sell all their tube amps?

    I've never owned a tube amp. I plan on getting a multi watt Rectifier one day just because but I certainly don't need it.
  6. deathbyguitar

    Snarky TGP Nonsense

    I dunno. I just think everyone should grant literally everyone a level of respect by default. It just makes things go smoother. People shouldn't be rude by default but I also don't think people should automatically interpret something someone says in the worst way possible. I dunno. It's the...
  7. deathbyguitar

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II

    Yup. Exactly what I use. The blue logo physically hurts to look at in the dark.
  8. deathbyguitar

    What's up with this, is it for real? :(

    God, what a pathetic sack of shit.
  9. deathbyguitar

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.01

    +1 Hit me with that electrical engineering jargon that I don't understand but love reading anyway.
  10. deathbyguitar

    Axe-Fx III mkII spiffy logo LED

    No. I had to put a LightDims strip over it because it physically hurt my eyes when playing in the dark.
  11. deathbyguitar

    What is your favorite factory preset?

    "The Planets" I remember the original iteration of it on my Ultra from way back when. I ended up developing vague ideas for a concept album based on a riff I created with it. Granted, that album is still a ways off but I love that preset so much. I think it actually sounded best on the...
  12. deathbyguitar

    Interesting Comparison Tests

    Well there's an idea.
  13. deathbyguitar

    PSA -- Garage Band Cannot Be Used For Re-Amping FM3

    Not actually free (60 bucks with a generous trial period) but yes, it's amazing and it's all I use
  14. deathbyguitar

    Is there something wrong with me if I like to turn up speaker impedance?

    If it sounds good, it is good. Carry on.
  15. deathbyguitar

    Axe-Fx III mkII spiffy logo LED

    The background actually looks black as opposed to purple. It keeps getting better and better.
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