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Recent content by davidespinosa

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    I don't disagree about Elon. But Technology Review is written by journalists, not MIT professors. Here's the author of that article: https://www.technologyreview.com/author/antonio-regalado/
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    FRFR aren’t they all the same?

    Get a good PA. This guitar-specific FRFR stuff is just marketing.
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    Wish Reference IRs by waveform instead of location

    A 32-bit hash only keeps track of 4 billion waveforms. Why just the other day, I went out in the snow, and I found 10 identical snowflakes !!! Well, at least they looked identical without my glasses on... :oops:
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    Wish Wish List: New Amps

    There were several amps in the studio: https://direstraitsblog.com/blog/mark-knopfler-story-brown-fender-vibrolux-amp/ And see if this sounds like a Brown Vibrolux: https://www.mk-guitar.com/2009/12/15/sensational-sultans-of-swing-guitar-track-solo-without-backing-tracks-from-guitar-hero-5/
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    Fractal Audio is searching for a Fender 1963 Vibroverb

    Here's a replica for only $2800: http://headstrongamps.com/verbrovibe-amp
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    Wish Polyphonic Tuner

    @FractalAudio If they sue you, say it's meant for one note at a time. It just so happens to work for more than one note, but that's an accident.
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    Suhr Modern

    So the paint cost more than the guitar, right ?
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    Let’s see those guitars

    Which would you get, the carved top one (I-35) or the laminated one (I-35 LC) ?
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    Let’s see those guitars

    Collings is awesome. I can't understand why anybody would buy a Gibson when they could buy a Collings instead.
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    Marshall amp question

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    *FREE* Far-Field Session #2 Cab Pack for Axe-Fx Users

    The hard part is defining the problem. Apparently, we're trying to get speaker B (the FRFR speaker) to act like speaker A (the original speaker). If the two speakers have different radiation patterns (and they probably do), then it's not possible to do it exactly. So what do we want to preserve...
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    DI Box to get better tones from the Axe-Fx

    @syndrone Let us know whether the Input Impedance control does what you want. Do people want the DI for reamping, or for the actual sound of the DI ? I bet it's for reamping. So IMO, the question is whether there's a standard AxeFx reamping procedure, and whether it works. "Works" means that...
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    Please...Any Audio Programmers Out There? Question Re Pitch Detection

    @jesussaddle Maybe you should learn DSP. Here's a book to start with. It's a good mix of theory and practice.
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    Please...Any Audio Programmers Out There? Question Re Pitch Detection

    @jesussaddle You can send your idea to Cliff in a conversation (= direct message, or personal message). The bad news: If it's good, he'll steal it for the AxeFx. The good news: He won't give it to anyone else !
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    Gibson...what is going on?

    Ask here, and you'll get a much longer list: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?forums/the-small-company-luthiers.31/ But off the top of my head... https://guitar.com/features/interviews/interview-terry-mcinturff-under-the-radar-guitar-maker/ https://www.gilyaronguitars.com/...
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