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Recent content by D20

  1. D20

    First notes on the AX8 [+ patch download]

    Great tones!!! Playing was great as well!!! Thank you for sharing!
  2. D20

    Ragdoll - Rust

    Sounds killer Leon!!!
  3. D20

    AX8 for Bass: What Bass Presets for a TonePack would you like?

    I usually leave my active EQ set flat. I may adjust it live, but for recording i usually just leave it flat.
  4. D20

    Valhallir.at IRs - New V2 Cabs Test: Metal! :)

    Sounds sick!!!!!!! Nice work!!!
  5. D20

    Bass Players watch out - Beta Testers for V2-series from Valhallir.at wanted!

    Email sent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The SWR 6x10 was the bass cab i used forever!!!! Love that cab! Please let me know if i can test these and I'll be more than happy to help!!!
  6. D20

    "Wanted DOA" solo

    Well done! I'm gonna have to try to learn that one! It looks pretty simple and fun. Plus i suck at lead playing.
  7. D20

    Mesa Traditional Mix IR

    Nice! Can't wait to try this out! Thanks!!!
  8. D20

    Marshall TV Mix IR's

    Gonna try these out! Many thanks!
  9. D20

    LM Life Pad

    I definitely using this preset soon! Thank you!
  10. D20

    5153 amp based on EVH 5150 III 50W

    Killer playing! Great tone as well!
  11. D20

    (FAKE) FM9 - The "real" AX8 replacement or the FM3?

    I like the idea of an FM9! I think however at this point I may just keep my AX8 and sac for an Axe III.
  12. D20

    Deftones "Diamond Eyes" patch rebuild

    Sounds spot on!!! Great work!
  13. D20

    Ozzy's "See You On the Other Side" Solo

    Well done! One of my fav Ozzy tracks!!!
  14. D20

    Georgy Porgy

    Sounded great!
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