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Recent content by carlguit

  1. carlguit

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.01

    Good stuff guys! Thx
  2. carlguit

    FM9 Wishlist

    Not exactly an FM9 request but I'd like an in-line format of the FC6 to put in front of the FM9. Basically, just a strip.
  3. carlguit

    I'll never understand what makes it so difficult...

    The Ir's is where it ''can'' take more time. But for exploration of the various amps and getting to learn how they sound individually, you could just stick with the IRs already in the presets. Now 2 more things. Developing your ears is very critical. What works in a mix isn't always what...
  4. carlguit

    Spring Reverb Pedal Vs Fractal Question/Suggestion

    Anasounds Element. https://anasounds.com/element-spring-reverb/
  5. carlguit

    Brokerage fees and shipping the FM3 into Canada

    1760$ to Montreal.
  6. carlguit

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Got the FM3 10 days ago. Here"s a few pics and a little rig rundown. There's a power supply under the FM3 and will add a ''loopy'' clone I'm currently building ( little device that turns the ''function switches'' of the Mastermind into a 2 loop switcher ). I really wanted to get a FC6 but...
  7. carlguit

    FM3 Now Shipping

    I got on the list on the 26th... I’ve been checking my e-mails every hour today hehe :D. Still waiting but it’s exciting knowing I’m I’m “next in line...” sort of... Thx to all the members who took the time to let us know where we’re at on the wait list. I’ll do the same once I get mine...
  8. carlguit

    3 Sigma J45 Impulse Response Test!

    Just bought the Ir's and loaded your preset. Threw in a graphic EQ and a slight Comp tweak and the result has been REALLY good. Thx for sharing.
  9. carlguit

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.09

    Ohhh that firmware is gooooood!!!! I like really like how the new power amp algorithm interacts with the drive block. Lately, every new firmware i'm like ''that's it they really nailed it'' but somehow Fractal manage to make it a bit better. Sort of like when you go see the optometrist for...
  10. carlguit

    Help : Instrument in not working

    Thx mate! I was just gonna do that...
  11. carlguit

    Help : Instrument in not working

    I'm having an issue with the front input. It happened when I plugged at sound check today and I ended up using the rear input. I'm on a fly date near Portland, Oregon and since I'm from Montreal, I thought that if it needs assistance, I'd rather send it from here. I was wondering if it was...
  12. carlguit

    Am I the Only One Not Using High or Low Cuts Anymore?

    Yup! Been re-working my main presets and a few new ones for an upcoming project. Really happy with the results... Once you got the right Ir it's very easy to dial-in great tones. And I rarely use the advanced parameters... Been on-board the Fractal train for 5-6 years...
  13. carlguit

    What you top 5 fav Amps in the Box at the moment ?

    Love the post. Some stuff I definitely need to check out... Would be cool if we'd comment on how or in what context we use certain amps. Anyways.. here are the I'm using with a HSH start for my corporate band. Atomic High - I use it for most of my classic rock needs ODS 100 Clean - Just...
  14. carlguit

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 10.01

    That settles it! I gotta keep Fractal Bot in my dock...
  15. carlguit

    WTB Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170

    Title says it all. PM please
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