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Recent content by bdrepko

  1. bdrepko

    Dialing in a tone (again and again...)

    I will usually try the new amp models when they are introduced. But I haven't found yet anything I like better for heavy guitar then the 5153 50W Blue.
  2. bdrepko

    Dialing in a tone (again and again...)

    Is that hard to believe?
  3. bdrepko

    Dialing in a tone (again and again...)

    I havent made anything but minor tweaks to my presets in years.
  4. bdrepko

    Settings to configure for setting up Axe with Poweramp & Cab

    Experiment with different amps. What sounds good through an IR of a 4x12 Mesa cabinet may not sound good through a real Marshal 2x12 with Celestion greenbacks.
  5. bdrepko

    Dialing in a tone (again and again...)

    Make small incremental changes to a single parameter and then give them a few days to see how they sound. This will help with ear fatigue.
  6. bdrepko

    Who uses Proximity in the Cab block and why?

    I much prefer the speaker thump in the AMP block for thickening the higher strings.
  7. bdrepko

    The Virtual Capo is truly Amazing - but be extra careful how you program it when using Scene Ignore!

    We had a similar experience, but using the Drop pedals. We had a guest band come up to play a couple songs which was a last minute thing. The other guitarist left his Drop pedal on from the previous song and me and the bassist turned ours off since the next song was in standard tuning...
  8. bdrepko

    Best way to protect the fm9

    Hopefully won't happen. I have been using floor modelers for the last 16 years and have been fortunate enough to never have this experience. But I do understand the concern. There are some good suggestions in this thread.
  9. bdrepko

    Too Obsessive About USB Choices?

    I guess it must have been too subtle.
  10. bdrepko

    Who's your go to Fractal guru?

    Definitely Leon Todd!
  11. bdrepko

    Too Obsessive About USB Choices?

    If you use gold electrical wiring all throughout your house it will make your AXE sound 0.0001% better.
  12. bdrepko

    Cut through the mix: something I do not understand

    I will often use a backing track without guitar and then record my guitar with it. This generally gives me a decent idea of how my guitar fits in the mix. This gets me most of the way. From there I do the remaining tweaking with the full band.
  13. bdrepko

    Anyone Like To Try Different Tone Stacks in the Amp Block?

    I have done this with prior firmware versions. I haven't found a need since the last several updates. They have really nailed it. I don't really change much anymore. This option is available in all Fractal modelers.
  14. bdrepko

    Announcing FM9 Turbo

    @Admin M@ - Do you know if the same firmware will run on both FM9 and FM9 Turbo?
  15. bdrepko

    Is Neal Schon rocking the FM9?

    Any plans to release artist presets?
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