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Recent content by bdrepko

  1. bdrepko

    FM9 Waitlist Email Tracker (Google Sheets)

    Would like to see a counter that shows what the current (as close as possible) time that is being given invites. As simple as that.
  2. bdrepko

    Waitlist Email

    I feel your pain. I am not that far ahead of you.
  3. bdrepko

    2 Pitch Blocks

    I have given up hope it will make it to the FM3. But I am on the wait list to get the FM9. I really want to ditch the Drop pedal.
  4. bdrepko

    2 Pitch Blocks

    I would be happy if they have the same quality pitch block as the FX3.
  5. bdrepko


    You completely miss the point that you may be at a gig and need to build 80 presets between soundcheck and your first set. :cool:
  6. bdrepko

    Waitlist Email

    It wouldn't surprise me if they got several thousand signups in the first few minutes of the email. There are many people here that got on the list in the first 2-3 minutes and this forum represents only a small fraction of the Fractal user base.
  7. bdrepko

    Scene Switching Lag Time

    I dont know how long the gap is, it was something that bothered me with the AX8, but not with the FM3. It is pretty short.
  8. bdrepko

    Homebrew gadget to display EV-1 volume pedal position

    There was one or two times when I was gigging that I couldnt hear myself. When I looked down at my board I noticed that the volume pedal was heel down. I put a couple of springs in the back part of the pedal to keep the pedal in the toe down position. It does work pretty well. Bit this seems...
  9. bdrepko

    FM9 MKII

    FM9 MKIII or bust!
  10. bdrepko

    Moving to fractal from helix, need help!

    The real bummer is that I have more hair on parts of me that should not have hair, than on top of my head.
  11. bdrepko

    Moving to fractal from helix, need help!

    Life is like that :)
  12. bdrepko

    Moving to fractal from helix, need help!

    No grey in my hair. Because there's no hair on my head.
  13. bdrepko

    Moving to fractal from helix, need help!

    I play in an 80's arena rock band (Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Whitesnake, etc) and have been using the FM3 for a while now. My patches are pretty straightforward, but still pretty powerful. I use scenes and can get clean, dirt, heavy, and lead sounds among other options. I use a pair of Roland...
  14. bdrepko

    FM9 is perfect (an FM3 perspective)

    Buttons are too close together for me.
  15. bdrepko

    Why FM3 over FM9?

    Not mine. I will likely replace my Helix with the FM3 for rehearsal.
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