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  1. aens

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.01

    At least Axe FX II was supported for over 8 years (2011-2019).
  2. aens

    Marshall Silver Jubilee vs Brit Silver

    I prefer B. Sounds like A has more compression, meaning less dynamics. Lacks the note bloom B has. Did you match the master volumes carefully?
  3. aens

    Go to amp models for 90’s Rock/Grunge

    Thank you for the correction. Did not know this.
  4. aens

    Go to amp models for 90’s Rock/Grunge

    That’s why there is the low input on JCM800. I think it doesn’t have a bright cap.
  5. aens

    Go to amp models for 90’s Rock/Grunge

    Sorry, I of course meant the low input 🙂 Depending on the speakers and guitar, I mostly find the high input with low drive sounding too much like an icepick unless you turn the treble knob all the way to 0.
  6. aens

    Go to amp models for 90’s Rock/Grunge

    I think you also want to try the JCM800 low input as a clean base tone and use drive pedals for distortion. While the JCM800 low input is not modeled, you can get pretty close by lowering input trim to 0.1-0.3 and turning off bright switch. Note that it’s not unusual to crank the drive all the...
  7. aens

    [SOLVED] My Guitar sounds incredibly fuzzy, flabby, and frankly awful with modern high gain tones - what can I do to fix the sounds?

    Now that sounds good! Really curious what you played the previous guitar through and did you like the sound back then?
  8. aens

    5150 build.

    What a fantastic read!
  9. aens

    My rendition of "Hurt"

    Fantastic job!! I've only appreciated the NiN version after watching this. Pure genius:
  10. aens

    Ehx pedals as poweramp?

    I remember using one without the Lehle being noisier. I also changed the audio cables so could be that also. It’s an amplifier, so if you have any noise in your signal it’s gonna amplify that as well.
  11. aens

    Ehx pedals as poweramp?

    I use two 44 Magnums in conjunction with Lehle Little Dual II so I can change between cab A and B, or use both at the same time. You also get rid of ground loop noise. 44 Magnum is more than enough for what I need at home, and I’ve gigged with them succesfully. I can hardly get past 9 ’o clock...
  12. aens

    What drive pedal do you prefer in front of a Marshall in the Axe FXIII?

    TS808 with Les Paul or any other humbucker style guitars Super OD with strats Shimmer Drive for leads, just amazing Muff (w/ ~70%mix) for fuzz awesomeness Neutral boost with +5dB if you need just a tad more drive
  13. aens

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.03

    Can someone post a screenshot of the new delays? Thank you.
  14. aens

    How Great is Cygnus...?

    No guitars in your picture? Did you sell those as well??? j/k
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