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  1. AdmiralB

    High-shielded cables and EMI noise

    Ultimately you can't shield against EMI everywhere, because the 'M' means magnetic - if you shield the pickups from magnetic fields, you won't get any string signal.
  2. AdmiralB

    SOLD Line 6 Relay G90 and G50 Wireless

    One each G90 and G50 system. They're essentially the same system aside from form factor; I used the G50 as a home and a grab-and-go unit and left the G90 racked for 'better planned' events (they use the same transmitters). Everything works perfectly. The G90 is minty aside from a little...
  3. AdmiralB

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 10.00 Public Beta #2

    Measure the voltage swing in both types of amp. It's not very different. In the Marshall, it's got a single triode stage in front of it; in the TW/Komet, it's got two, but it's also got the tone stack in-between, which drops a fair amount of signal. Further, if it was done for the reason you...
  4. AdmiralB

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 10.00 Public Beta #2

    It's a simple clipping circuit, copied from the Marshall 2203/2204. It's biased super cold, so the positive swing amplifies (although the AF is pretty low), but the negative swing drives into cutoff - the effect is not unlike a single-stage diode clipper.
  5. AdmiralB

    Ground Hum and Noise

    Shielding probably won't do much. Since the 'M' in EMI is "Magnetic", effective shielding against it would also block the string signal. I love P90s, but they're unfortunately one of the 'noisiest' pickups since the coil has so much surface area. If I had a situation where I needed to somehow...
  6. AdmiralB

    Ground Hum and Noise

    I've seen plugs in old houses - especially houses that were not originally 'electric', or were post-and-tube - where the 'hot' runs are totally separate from neutral/ground and could come from a completely different part of the house. The only times I've seen this in the Age of Romex is like I...
  7. AdmiralB

    Ground Hum and Noise

    Back to what I originally wrote - if you have noise when you have ONLY a guitar/bass (which is properly wired, natch) plugged directly into the Axe with a (properly wired/shielded) cable, AND you're listening with headphones plugged directly into the Axe...then you have an environmental issue...
  8. AdmiralB

    Ground Hum and Noise

    Start simple. Plug the Axe into the wall. Plug a guitar into the Axe (with a cable), and plug in headphones - nothing else connected to anything. Hum?
  9. AdmiralB

    Anyone know the frequency curve of a guitar's tone control?

    That'll almost impossible to do without some sophisticated equipment. If you know the value of the tone pot and cap, you can create a plot of the control itself pretty easily. But the impedance of the pickup also affects the circuit, and not only is that an unknown, it's frequency-dependent.
  10. AdmiralB

    Remove cathode bypass cap?

    That's power amp. Cathode bypass (unless we're talking about cathode-bias power tubes bypass cap, which I've never really ever seen omitted) is a preamp thing.
  11. AdmiralB

    Ready to purchase III, but knowing my luck, a MK2 would probably show up soon...

    I moved from II to Mk2 to XL without losing much of any money, because I was willing to sell internationally. If you're buying in the US and you're willing to ship overseas, you'll find buyers happy to pay new US prices for a used "last year's model", because the international prices are so...
  12. AdmiralB

    Humbuster Cable to balanced TRS Mixer Inputs

    I had a similar problem, albeit with a FAR less complex setup. My signal comes out of a Relay G90 (using all three outputs) and goes to an Axe II, and Axe III, and a Helix Rack. Outputs from those - all XLR, ground-lifted - go to a Focusrite 18i20. I would get the noise (the whining) you...
  13. AdmiralB

    Humbuster Cable to balanced TRS Mixer Inputs

    Where is the Mackie in all of that? On the input side: Do you have the grounds lifted on the outs of the headlight that feeds the modelers? If not, try it. If that doesn't work, try unplugging the input cables to the modelers that are not selected when you are using one that hums/that is...
  14. AdmiralB

    Humbuster Cable to balanced TRS Mixer Inputs

    How is the signal getting into the modelers?
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