Will this expression pedal do what I want?


I’ve read around, and I think this expression pedal will do what I want but I want to confirm here first. I want it to essentially work like the helix expression pedal (built in) that is an expression pedal with a toe switch that can turn effects on and off also. Allows you to do things like use it as a volume pedal and then hit the toe switch and the volume stays full and the expression becomes a wah or whammy or whatever. I know there are workarounds to do that without a toe switch, and I’m not interested in them.

From what I’ve read, the mission pedal for the Kemper should be able to do this with the FM9, its specs are below. Is this what I’m looking for? Any caveats I should know about? Other units that I should look at it that will also work?

Potentiometer is 10K Ohm Linear
Switch is TS Momentary


It depends on the expression jack wiring in the pedal. Fractal uses a Tip to Wiper polarity on their expression pedals. Some devices use a Ring to Wiper polarity instead. It does not specify the polarity on the Mission website for that particular pedal. You could email them and confirm the polarity. If it's wired Tip to Wiper, it will work with the FM9. If you can solder, it's also an easy fix to rewire the pot if needed.

Missions SP-1 pedal will work with the FM9, but it has a latching switch that uses TRS wiring, so you'll need to use a TRS cable for the switch as well. Either switch type can work, but the momentary switch is more flexible and only requires a TS cable.
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