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WICKED WIKI 2: Searching for Modifiers/Controllers


When loading a preset from another user, you may want to check which controllers are used in that preset. For example to see if an expression pedal is attached to a parameter through an "External", muting the volume perhaps.

It took me a while to discover this (it's only mentioned very briefly in the manual), but there is a quick and handy way to check this.

Instead of going through all effect blocks:

  • Press Control on the front panel
  • Press Page to scroll to the final tab: "Mods"
  • You'll see all used modifiers listed there. And therefore also all internal/external controllers.
Wiki: Controllers and modifiers

Update: Axe-Edit (3.00.08 and later) offers the same functionality. Including the jump from the overview to the parameter (see Bakerman's post below).

To get a list of all Wicked Wiki threads: type "Wicked Wiki" in the Search box.
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(Assuming this is like Axe 1) Pressing enter at the Mods page will jump to the selected modifier's menu (except for "CONTROL" modifiers) so it can also save time for things like removing or fine-tuning several modifiers. Exit or Control will return from a modifier menu to Mods page.
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