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WICKED WIKI 14: Global Blocks


Each effect block lets you save settings in up to 10 Global Block slots. That makes 10 “favorite settings” slots for each effect block. So you can have 10 stored versions of a Phaser per preset, 10 stored versions of a Compressor etc. And that’s per block/instance, so you have another 10 for Phaser 2, Compressor 2 etc.

Global blocks allow shared sound settings across multiple presets. Advantages:
  • You can easily recall those favorite settings in other presets, which goes beyond the Recall Effect functionality.
  • When adjusting the settings of a global block, those changes are applied automatically to the same global block in other presets too. Handy and time-saving!
  • Select an effect block, press Edit, and doubleclick Eff.Bypass to open the Global Block menu. The menu lets you create/save/load/unlink global blocks. Note that you always have to save the preset to store changes!
  • Global blocks are indicated by “G…” at the top of the screen when editing. Global block slots cannot be given individual names.
  • Loading and saving global blocks include both X and Y settings of an effect block. There are no separate global blocks for X and Y.
  • Saving and loading a global block does not include modifier/controller settings. The easiest way to import those settings is to recall the effect block from another preset with the desired settings, using Recall Effect.
On/Off state
  • As of firmware 6, the On/Off state of a global block is NOT stored as part of the global information. This means that the on/off state of a global block is set per preset.
  • If you want global on/off control of a global block, attach the Bypass parameter of the block to an External controller. In the I/O menu, switch the External between 0% or 100% to change the effect’s On/Off state, or use a switch that sends a MIDI CC to the External to switch the effect between On and Off. This is a handy way to quickly switch on/off a global PEQ block when changing guitars, for example. And this also works with non-global blocks.
Exporting, importing, exchanging, Backup/Restore
  • When exporting a preset that contains global blocks, you can unlink the global blocks. The effect blocks will still have the correct settings but no longer operate as “linked” global blocks. Also, when loading a preset with global blocks, you can choose to unlink the global blocks.
  • The global block “master” information is stored in the System area of your Axe-Fx II. Settings in global blocks are “linked” to the global masters. This means that you have to include a System dump when exchanging presets with global blocks, if you want to preserve the links and “master” information. Also, when backing up your Axe-Fx II, you have to include the System too in order to be able to restore global block functionality later if needed. But be aware that any user who loads your System file will wipe out his own saved user cabs and global blocks, so he better have his own backup!
  • When using global blocks you need to be careful when tweaking settings and managing presets, because changes affect other presets too. More than once I copied an existing preset to another location to serve as a starting point and started editing, only to discover that I forgot to unlink the global blocks and messed up my existing global blocks.
Wiki: Global Blocks

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