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why is CPU at over 95% and i only have an amp, a cabinet and a reverb?


why is CPU at over 95% and i only have an amp, a cabinet and a reverb? Is there a setting i have on that's using up all the CPU, or something. I'm new to Axe FX 2 XL+. This cant be right? I thought the Axe FX 2 was a power house, surely I'm not using all the power of the unit only to run 1 amp and 1 cabinet and one effect?

ok i am a noob! that's everyone, as i think i realized, that when an effect is loaded and bypassed, its actually in use still by the CPU. I didn't realize this at first. Now i got my head around it. Learning Learning, thanks everyone for your help, this is a great great forum, and everyone is very helpful. rock on!
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Do you have a ton of other things bypassed?
Curious. Definitely doesn't sound right.

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It doesn't sound right to me either. Power off and then restart all and see if it comes up the same % wise. Also please post yer preset....


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Depending on the amp, cab & reverb type, you could possibly be up to ~70%.
USB will eat CPU too, about 1%.


unless cliff has snuck in a convulsion reverb, id say you have found a bug in the reverb, resource monitor, or you have been hacked by the Chinese military


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I think he meant "convolution reverb."

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I think he meant "convolution reverb."

However, I would be curious on what algorithm convulsion reverb what look like when set for High quality. :D



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happened to me also after fw update with older patches...deleting the blocks, putting than back and resaving the patch solved it, no idea why this happens


The OP edited his first post ages ago...
He had just amp+cab blocks active but a bunch of other blocks bypassed. That's why he had CPU Overload.
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