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Whitesnake - Still Of The Night


Using it now and sounds right, like it alot. Thanks.

Getting nice harmonics out of it. Auditioned the other drives and BB choice is best IMO.


Love that album.. thanks for the preset. Will rock on tomorrow. want to crank it up right now .. ... but my lady probably kill me if I do..


Rockin' sound and great preset ........ but ........ I now realize I just got Chef's Big White Snake all over my hard drive ........... :eek::eek::eek::eek:



It's likely just me but I found I had to alter the preset to get more gain. (this often happens though) i.e, add compressor, change drive to tube drive add a gate before amp to control introduced noise.
It's getting close to WS tone!


Chef this is MASSIVE!!!:shock
Awesome preset, plug and play super huge sounding (RG with Tone Zone in bridge)
This is going into favorites folder!8)
Thank you for sharing.
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