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Where would you start for early Santana tones?


Im talking first two albums... Samba Pa Ti, Hope You're Feelin' Better, Oye Como Va, etc...

I believe he was using a modded Princeton? Or cranked Twin(s). I'm curious whether cranking that amp with no boosts or other tweaks will get me there?

Cab wise, I think I want something vintage with a lot of speaker breakup, kinda raw sounding.

Effects: just from memory, it seems like used alot of reverb, maybe a large hall type?

Any thoughts? I'm going to set out after this tone later today.


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Les Paul or SG,....

Twin or Deluxe ...bass low, mids 50% or higher. Treble to taste.

Try the boost on and tweak tone controls. A lower drive setting brightens the tone. Increase the trim for more gain instead if needed without altering the tone.

His early tones while being very mid rangy ...boasted much “stringy” kinda clean sounds with gain.

Yes,..his later tones were totally different.


I can't remember where I got this from, but it should get you close enough. Tweak the sound depending on your guitar, pickups, and setup. From my II XL + use fractool to import to your Fractal product


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