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Where can I download the FX8 editor for iPad?


Post it, make it real

I will take this time to fully apologize though, with all this gumbby line6 stuff going on here, my bullshit detectors were well and truly active


And by the way why would the FX8 having an iPad editor have anything to do with line6?

iPad is what lots of us use live these days.


There are midi controllers apps you can use for that, if all your interested in is changing presets, however there is no ipad/iphone app per se


I'm going to keep preaching that everybody needs to spend an hour with this unit without their computer around. The front panel is easy to use but you do need to practice for a minute.

I would love to have an iPad editor if only so that I could read order three sets for each set list. I would rather have fractal spend their time on the tones.

By the way a windows surface tablet will run the editor.

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