Web Site Redesign

Change isn't allways better.
For me the old way was a bit more practical. More overview on one screen.
"Overview" (15.6"widescreen laptop): big banner with no cab pack in sight:

New is cleaner looking, but my user scanning experience
for news and updates is less practical (more clicks and scrolling).
More decoration, much less information-density as professionals call it.
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the huge header section is the new trend in website design. it used to be putting all the important info "above the fold" (before you have to scroll down). but now it's about putting engaging content above the fold, which entices users to scroll down.

overall i think the new site looks great! things have more space between them and it breathes better. definitely a more modern design.

as for the support and downloads... i too prefer things on one page, and i've designed my site like that - important info that people NEED to read up top, downloads below: Latest Info | AxeFxTutorials.com dang... i might have to check my links now. bleh!

as with anything though, people will get used to the new site and where to find things. i think the most confusing thing though will be finding Axe-Edit. all the "edits" are now on a tab with their respective products. the old link will still work - good thing - but searching for it, one has to go to Axe-Fx first, then the tab for Edit.
I imagine the FX8 product overview will be updated as soon as it is released. That being said, here is one update that can be applied now:

“You can plug two expression pedals (like the forthcoming Fractal EV-1!)….”

“You can plug two expression pedals (like the Fractal EV-1!)….”

I purchased the EV-1 and it's a quality pedal.
The huge header and lots of white space trend started with newspapers;
more scrolling / longer scanning meant visitors stayed on their pages longer
generating higher advertising revenue.
The only thing that I noticed (and I've seen it on other sites as well) is that it takes a while to load the video page. It's not like that on every single site with video links so I wonder what the difference is in terms of performance.

Looks good though.
Hi Matt, check the Timeline, there is an error there.
April 2010 is out of the spot and bigger in size.

The new design looks really good.
Looks great M@!

But, you have spelled Scandinavia wrong in "List of Fractal Audio Systems International Dealers"

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