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Web page describing all speakers characteristics ?


Do you know a web page that would decribe all (or many) speakers typical characteristics ?

Ex : Greenbacks are typically harsh and with little emphasize at 200hz... or V30 have typically lot of bass

I'm a little lost at those characteristics when I try to chose an IR....

Audio exemple would be great too..

Anyone ?


I think its a subjective thing, because for example, I don't think GB's are harsh at all, and personally think V30's can be a bit harsh.

So right there you and I have a real difference of opinion. Not to say either is right or wrong, but just different.

Point is though, if I make up a list with my subjective opinion, you could totally skip stuff that actually would work well for you, or you could try stuff based on what I said and find its not right at all for your needs.

Best advise is just trust your ears. Load up some cabs with Axe-Edit and just try some and listen.

Don't worry about what the model is, or what you think it should be, just listen and trust your ears


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Id like to see all the speakers mounted I to the same 1x12, punk noise shot through them into earthworks reference gear and then spectrally analyzed.

This could be very useful.


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these may be helpful
First thing that I though of too. Reading all the off the wall talk like "this one is wooly, this one is woody, this one is fat, this one is thin" is really hard to know without a real reference. The clips in the video kind of put all of the subjectivity to rest.


Make a patch with your favorite amp, put a looper in after the amp, and before the cab, record a short riff, and start cycling through them all.

I'd agree with BrainalLeakage - no need to try to list all the characteristics per se - I know I know the name of Celestion V30's and they are apparently used a lot, but with the Axe, I just keep hitting options until I find one I like, irregardless of what amp/speaker name it is. I played one country song with a Recto V30 4x12 setting and the gain down low, because I thought it sounded best.....
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