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We need to talk!


Seems to me that when you pay ~$3,000 for professional grade equipment, that equipment should be
able to communicate with its peripherals in such a way to give a musician peace of mind as to what feature is
active and which is bypassed. Right now this does not appear to be the case with the AXE FX, the MFC-101,
and AXE Edit.

Axe Edit will not reflect an on/off status change if you stomp an I/A switch unless you gerry-rig your preset with an
extraneous bypass modifier block. And that only works on the AXE Edit end of the chain. If you change a block's on/off
status in AXE Edit, that change will not be passed on to the MFC-101, which will show your Comp1 I/A in its off-state,
even though you just switched it on in AXE Edit.

Soooo, my wish is for the brains at Fractal to come up with some kind of firmware/software update in which somebody at
one or both ends of the line will ping back and forth checking for block/IA switch on-off states. That would eliminate any
doubts in my mind as to whether my chorus, Comp 1, Filter 1, etc., etc., etc., block is truly active or bypassed.

Thanks for your attention.


A price tag does not determine what should and shouldn't be possible, in my opinion. The axe responds best to one at a time - a controller like the MFC, or Axe-Edit.

I sold my $200 guitar and bought a $3000 one, but it still won't play Eruption for me. :)

edit - just saw your other thread discussing this. This is definitely a feature that would be great. But I still think price doesn't determine all aspects of functionality.

They are constantly working on Edit and the Axe gear capabilities. I bet they get this going someday.


With all due respect, Chris, I have to disagree. Size isn't the only thing that matters. Price is right up there, too.
We get a lot of bang for our Fractal bucks, that's for sure. I'm certainly not complaining about the free Editor, free updates, free IR's, so on and so forth.
But it just seems to me that if you are going charge a Cadillac price for a Cadillac product, then you want to make sure that each and every piece of
that Cadillac performs up to Cadillac standards--and the fact that the MFC and AXE Edit don't talk to each other and coordinate their actions is not up
to what I consider Cadillac standards. But my complaint really isn't about the money at all. It's about the simple fact that here you have two separate items
designed to work together that don't. I don't care whether it's three dollars or three thousand. They need to communicate. They're not, and that leads to
confusion and dissatisfaction. Other than that, I love my rig. The FX is the best effects processor I've ever owned and probably ever will own. And Cliff is one
very smart dude.


Who said that? Nobody said it. It shouldn't have to be said. It should be understood from the get-go.

Chris, my man, the AXE FX, the MFC-101, and AXE Edit are all components of a single package. They are
companions. You can't build one component without regard for another. It just doesn't make sense.

I'm sure we agree on more than we disagree. Regards. :)
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