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Vendor Program and Rules

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Fractal Audio Systems
Fractal Audio supports and encourages companies who create third party commercial content related to our products. We’ve created a Vendor Program with rules that aim to balance vendor self-promotion and forum decorum.

Only Approved Vendors may post commercial/promotional content outside of the general For Sale sub-forum.

Rules for Vendors
  1. To post commercial content or participate as a commercial business on this forum, you must first be approved as a vendor by Fractal Audio Systems. To apply for membership, please email sales@fractalaudio.com

  2. You must re-apply if your business activities change. Examples of change include new retail categories, hardware vs. software offerings, cab packs vs. plugins, Fractal Audio exclusive vs non-exclusive, etc.

  3. Vendors must abide by the following rules:
    • Vendor Banner - Approved vendors will be assigned the “Vendor” banner, visible below their avatar on all posts made on the forum. A vendor banner lets our members and moderators know you are a vendor.
    • Signature, Avatar, Profile
      1. We require placing a disclosure and suggest a link and contact information in your signature.
      2. Signatures may not contain any images or media.
      3. Avatar images may be logos, products, or musician lifestyle images but may not include offers or specific advertisements. (Click your username on the top right area of the screen and you will see links to update your avatar, signature, and profile.)
    • Content Limits - You may create and maintain ONE promotional thread in ONE relevant discussion category at any given time. When that thread loses activity, you may post new content but not more than once per week. In this one thread you may post the following:
      • You may post Videos/Pictures that feature your products.
      • You may announce products and in-person events.
    • Some Things Not To Do
      • Do not compare products to the competition
      • Do not bump your thread with a new post more than once per week unless you are answering a direct question.
      • Do not post in other sponsors' threads (unless you have something nice to say)
      • Do not do anything to make your post stand out unnecessarily. No pricing. No words in ALL CAPS.
    • Issues/questions
      • Please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@fractalaudio.com
      • If you see inappropriate content, the fastest way to bring to our attention is to click the "report post" button. The moderators get an email of the report immediately.
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